Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hurricane at da slabs

Holy crap, camp Billy Bob done got hit by a hurricane last night. I ain't kid'n, ya know. I bet'ya the wind was a blow'n 200 mph when all hell broke loose. My little blue tarp is gone....poooof....just like that. Everything what was stand'n up was lay'n down....solar oven (glass is safe), bbq grill sprawled out on the ground, Fred the duck lay'n over there in the bushes, chairs blowed over and last but not least, my Hughes satellite dish were dead slap lay'n on the ground....bent.

First thing I done was go pick'n up stuff...damn it's cold out there. Then I got to look'n at that satellite dish.....oh sh*t!!! It ain't never gonna work look'n all bent like that. But ya got to remember, old Billy Bob can fix stuff. Set 'er all back up with extra rock in da bucket and pointed it at a satellite. Hmmmmm, best signal I could get was 40...what ain't gonna do. Started bend'n stuff just for the hell of it and walla....things look'n up. I figgered I can't hurt it any more than it already is, so's I give it a "hard" adjustment what bend that sucker right back to a good signal. Yee Ha!!! Back online. Gonna be look'n for one them fiberglass dishes right quick like. Might even stake that tripod down like I sposed to.....rocks ain't heavy enough for 200 mile winds.

Now, bout that damn awning. Before the wind got too bad, I decided to roll that sucker up out the wind...just in case.....good move Billy Bob. Well......the sucker says, "I ain't gonna roll up". Remember the other day I was tell'n ya bout how proud I were that I done fixed that awning what wouldn't roll all the way out??? Yeah, I fixed it alright. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob? "Punt, what else". I rekon I'll just undo the fix I did and hope for the best. Maybe one turn on only one spring at a time.....what ya think???

Now that the hurricane is over, it's absolutely beautiful out there. Not a puff of wind, sun shin'n and the temp is up to 56 after a low 42 this morning. Reminds me the time I were on my boat when a storm blowed in. Now I ain't talk'n bout no little storm...we talk'n storm. Everything not tied down was in the drink. My sliding hatch (door to landlubbers) blowed off like a frisbe....pooof...it were gone. Oh course it were rain'n buckets and I were soaked sit'n there pray'n for the rain gods to leave me lone. Sat out two hurricanes on that old 41 foot sailboat. Skeered to death.

Will be back later....got work to do.

Boy howdy, got all that stuff clean up in the yard and roll that awning out....just to take a look see. Well, it's like this, the damn thing roll all the way out and the damn thing roll all the way back in. Feel like one them springs is hang'n up in that there roller tube. So's, I smak it with a big ol' hammer....pow.....just like that. What can it hurt??? That all I did 'cept for tighten a couple bolts I left loose by accident. Gonna roll it up and down a few time just to make sure I fix it good this time.

Come Friday the weather thingy says we got another front headed this way. What the hell??? Ya don't rekon old Billy Bob's black cloud is back? I guess it's better than being out in the middle of no where freez'n my butt off...at least it don't freeze at da slabs.

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  1. Hell's Bells BB. You could have kept that wind up there. I think I just saw some of your stuff blow by and the three tier wind gizmo I posted on my blog a while back is now a two tier and the third part is no where to be found. Must have taken off like a helicopter or something. I've walked all over the southeast part of this RV park and haven't found it yet. (The wind is coming out of the northwest) DANG! I'd got to like that thing about as good as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Well actually a lot better.