Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gotta go somewheres

Imperial Sand Dunes
10 miles west of Yuma, Az.

Boy howdy what a great morning. I mean....great. Turn Lug Nut loose and he were gone...pooof...just like that. That dog can run.

Feel so good this morning I think maybe I'll take the dogs on a tour of the surrounding area. Need to go find me a little Christmas tree to put on the dash since I don't have a cat no more. Mikey used to knock all the ornaments off and play with them. Knock the tree down many times. Crazy cats!!!

Had a feller tell me this morning that my "jalepeno" chili ain't chili. What the hell is he think'n??? Using basically the same recipe, old Billy Bob jalepeno chili won second place in two chili cook offs in south Texas. Tell me it ain't chili....sheesh!!! In fact, think I'll have me some for breakfast with a couple over easy. Maybe make me some chili cornbread later in the day.....that is if'n the solar oven will get hot enough.

Well I done something, but ya ain't gonna like it. Ate me up some that delicious jelepeno chili with eggs and done got me a dose heartburn ya won't believe. Figgered I'ld walk it off, so's me and the kids went for a long walk...till I had'a head back to "da house" for alka seltzer. Then I sit on "da porch" jaw'n with a neighbor till I couldn't take no more that. Lay on the couch and got to think'n....wonder if the play station will still work. It do.

So...the rest of the afternoon I were swak'n golf balls with Tiger Woods. Might do some race car driv'n this evening. Hot damn, sure is good to be retired and have toys.

Gonna have dinner with Goofy Mary 'n Richard, Chili Bob and Seann. Some kind of beef stuff with artychokes. What the hell is a artychoke??? Anyhows, it'll probably be better than left over chili what make ya "sweat" like a basketball player. I'm being nice ya know!!!

Boy howdy has it ever been a great day. All but that solar oven.... 275 degs....what the hell???
So, there is no chili cornbread to rant and rave about. Sure do sound good though.


  1. Tell that guy to stuff it BB! Sounds like chili to me just hearing about it. Guess I'll have to buy me a can of store bought and chop up some jalapenos in it.

  2. BB I'm going to use habanero peppers in my chili. Jalapeno peppers aren't hot enough for me.

  3. I'm with you BB on that Chili, them people out there eat that stuff from New York City. What the Hell do they know about good Chili.

  4. just get some mirror and put them back on it, itll get warm then.

    that blond haired monkey buggin you still?

  5. So how was the *artychoke* dish? Mary is such a good cook, I bet it was delicious!