Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ok, now what

I didn't have food poisoning....Sheesh!!! What I had was a bad case of "funnel cake" squirts....or something like that.

Tiger Woods 2006.

Boy howdy....spent must a been 6 hours yesterday look'n at all kind of off grid sites. Not that I think'n of ever build'n a "shack" and giv'n up this "take your house with ya" lifestyle. But let me tell ya, there are some people liv'n in shacks in places ya can't get to with a Jeep. With that said, I ain't say'n I'm gonna give up the idea to build my dream RV shelter with a great big ol' covered patio on a little piece of property....close to a highway with a freshly graded dirt road leading up to my driveway. But before I do anything, I gots to go to town and buy me up some propane.

Speak'n of propane, I did me some re-figger'n and come to the conclusion that my use of propane needs to be trimmed. My God, who ever hear of using almost 3/4 gallon a day for heat and cook'n when ya out boondock'n in one of the three warmest places in the USA. It ain't got nothing to do with what it cost....it's that ride to town to fill up and the principal of the thing.

Now....with all that said and done, it's a beautiful sunshiny morning out there...thermometer sit'n right bout 56 degs. Not a cloud in the sky and expect'n to see 70 degs right shortly. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?? "Oh, I don't know, sit on "da porch and sip a cup"???

Disconnected all my water lines, electric hook up and sewer hose and headed off to town for propane. By the time I got there, they had done hung out a sign..."out of propane". Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob??? Well, it's like this...they gonna deliver a gazillion gallons propane tomorrow morn'n, so's I gonna unhook everything and head'em up back to town. Simply as that!!!!

Bout mid this afternoon, here come them nasty clouds what blocked beautiful sunshine to my solar panels what charges my high dollar battery bank. Well, instead of think'n bout conserv'n some the free electricity, I cranked up that play station for about 4 hours. Beat the hell out Tiger Woods and all them other rookies. Swak that ball 350 yard....BA BAMMMMM.

Speak'n of golf, there's a golf course only 20 mile from here. Maybe next week old Billy Bob be swak'n "real" golf balls. Anybody wanna go???


  1. BB, are you moving to Terlingua?

  2. Well, let me see. If I were to move to Terlingua, I would still have to find a place to go in the winter to stay warm. And, I would also have to find a place to go in the summer to stay cool. Just like I do in Deming. Then I would have to build my RV shelter what gonna cost more than I pay for my spot in Deming for 5 years. And....in 5 years, I'm gonna be so old that dirt won't recognize me. Then if I decide to stay in Deming, I ain't gonna have nuttin but a dilapidated fence around the yard and an old weather beat'n and run down porch....what in 5 years will look like my grandpappy's old outhouse.
    So, with all that said....I don't know.

  3. What a crock on the Propane deal.
    And about Tiger Woods golf, I ordered the PC version today. :-) I used to be real good on the Links golf game.

  4. I used to have Links PC a long time ago and it had Pebble Beach and a lot more courses. A few years back it bought it again and no Pebble beach and the other courses were pretty lame. I've got one on here and its called impossible golf and its impossible so I never play it.

  5. The point is, do you like livin in Deming? If you do, then why move? I think what you are doing is good until you cant move your house around no more. Then what are ya gonna do? I liked your Idea of the cover for your house in Terlingua. you can buy a peice of property for 1,000 bucks now in Terlingua close to the road. You just need to figure out what you wanna do.

    I usually dont comment on golf cause I dont like it. but I did install and indoor golf simulator once and it was cool.