Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sit'n back wait'n

With the dawning of a new day.....what ever that means, there comes a time when ya got to just sit back and see what gonna happen. It ain't likely that something exciting will show up at my doorstep, but I gots both eyes peeled back look'n at the horizon.

Were right snappy this morning...something like bout 36 degs and 50 degs inside. Crank up this laptop and it went to mak'n all kind weird sounds. Little fan scream'n, hard drive click'n and hammer'n, screen flash'n on an off.....boy howdy. This baby need to go visit the "geek" squad.

Now, what I were talk'n bout......the beach is boring when ya live on it. Fish'n sucks when ya eat fish every day. Shrimp tastes like shoe leather when ya ain't got no chicken. Watermelon ain't nuttin but an apple in disguise. I hate apples.

Speak'n of watermellons, did I ever tell ya bout the time....we was at a farm auction back in 47' and there was this big ol' field of nuttin but watermelons. Gazillions of them. All shiny green stare'n up at the sun. Bout 10 of us little "heatherns" took to that field with watermelon eat'n on our mind. Well, I were just sit'n there mind'n my own business, eat'n a busted watermelon, when here come the local law enforcement. Little feller...remind me Barney Fife an sheriff Taylor. Well, we was bust'n and eat'n watermelon on that "other fellers" land what was sell'n them watermelon to the local grocery stores and we had done cut a big chunk out his profits......bout a hunerd them watermelon lay busted on the ground. Got a good whoop'n out that one. Just thought you should know.

Sure do need to make a trip to town today. Ain't got much water left after do'n dishes yesterday. Musta use 5 gallon. Had I allowed Lug Nut to wash the dishes, I would'a only use 2 gallon. He's a good dog. Very conservative and does a good job wash'n dishes. He finish and they go back in the cupboard all shiny clean.

Gonna fix me up some eat'n so's I'll be back....later.


  1. Nuttin last time, but looks like you found sumpin this time. BTW where's your Shadow. Haven't seen OGT post anywhere lately.

  2. I garuntee you, where ever he went there he is.