Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terlingua or Deming

Ok, here's the deal. Terlingua or Deming??? I been roll'n this question around in my mind for bout 6 years now and still don't know what I want to do. I know what I would like to do, but then I get to think'n bout the pros and cons. What there are many go'n each way. Like....where the hell is Walmart??? In Deming, it's just down the road a piece...like 5 miles. And then....where the hell is the golf course. In Deming, it's just down the road a piece....like 5 miles. And then, and then, and then..... But....I'm about burned out in Deming.

So...."what ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? Go sit on "da porch" and think bout it some more....that what I gonna do.

Weren't nuttin but clouds when I roll out of bed this morn'n....gonna be nuther one them days. Same as yesterday with no sunshine till the afternoon. Batteries took a beat'n from no charge time. Now, here it is 9:30 am, still only 53 degs and maybe, just maybe, a little sunshine gonna come my way.

I know what I need....a project. I'm so freak'n bored all I wanna do is play that Play Station and take naps. I go to bed right at 9pm every night and sleep till 7am....that way too much sleep...and a waste of precious time. Only dogs and cats sleep that much.

Got to think'n bout rebuild'n that solar oven just to be do'n something. I'm think'n a $50 investment in materials would be money in the bank. A trip to El Centro for materials...bout 50 mile, would get me out da house for a while, fresh air and a nice "ride" for the dogs. Then a couple three days cut'n wood and stuff, I have me a brand spank'n new solar oven.....what would work just fine in Terlingua....or Deming. As a matter fact, it would probably work other places too.

Got my propane yesterday so now I can crank up the heat all I want for the next 36 days. I weren't as low as I was think'n....only used 22.7 gallon....what is only .63 gallon a day. So...for $1.80 a day, old Billy Bob has been one warm dude.

Oh, did I tell ya...old pesky neighbor Wayne call me this morn'n....3 inches snow in Deming. Thought bout runn'n over there and take some pics, but by the time I get there....2 days, it all gonna be melted. Damn, I miss all the fun.

Well, here come the sunshine what mean I can go sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup and do some think'n.

Didn't take very much think'n. Took off on a nice long drive to El Centro and fount me a Lowes lumber sell'n place. For $61 and some change I got everything I need for my brand spank'n new solar oven. Got my drawing all made up and ready to go. Gonna break out that table saw and engine hoist tomorrow and cut me some stuff. Before I headed off to town, I checked the temp on the "old" solar oven....325 degs. Holy cows, it never been that hot before.

Sun just went down and it already cold.....58 degs an fall'n fast. Now I'm hungry.


  1. Let me help you with the decision... Terlingua! At least for a while. Dude, you have a house ON WHEELS! Do both.

    I've been in Far West Texas since August '08 and just made my first trip to Walmart* last week. That's almost 16 months without Walmart. I find almost everything I need in Alpine. It's not perfect, but it works. Now the golf course? I don't know about that. Maybe at Lajitas? Or, if you build one, they will come. I think we need a rocky-cactus-desert golf course in Terlingua.

    *I was in Midland with two of my daughters shopping for Christmas and we stopped in Walmart for a gift for my grandson. David did pickup a few things at Walmart in Abilene when he visited his father earlier this year.

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  3. let me try this again, and see if I can get it right.

    Yep, you got decisions to make, and only YOU can choose what is right for you.. BUT I did find a golf course for you in Terlingua. Now mind you I have never played it

    copy this link

  4. There be a 9 hole'er right here where I'm staying. Big Bend Motor Inn. You can even rent golf carts for $5 a day (Per person) Kind of stupid if you ask me though. We were going to rent one for the three of us last week and they said only 2 people will fit on one so that meant 2 carts there. Now we could have just as easily got three carts for the $15, but chose to do with two. They have an ALCO in Alpine which I figure might be sort of like a small wally world. What more could you ask for?

  5. That's easy - Neither! Inks Lake State Park in Burnet, Texas!


    Fishing, Golf, Wallys right up the street in Marble Falls and HEB in Burnet...Beautiful Sunsets over the lake...

  6. Where ever you choose, I hope it will make you happy. If you end up not liking it...just move. You got wheels don't ya?

  7. Im glad you fixed your solar oven.
    Looks like you had a busy day and still maybe a year or 2 away from makin your decision, cause you are the king of procrastination. lol