Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cloudy Saturday

Too early to be play'n golf, so I gonna just sit here and write something.
Cloudy outside this morning. Bout 45 degs at 7am and the weather thingy says 65 for a high. Were hoping for a warmer day, but I rekon some body has to get this cold weather. But...why me? Had I knowed today was Saturday, old Billy Bob would'a stayed in bed under them warm covers for another hour.

Boy howdy did we have a camp fire last night. This guy Aaron just keep toss'n them sticks in there and fire were shoot'n 10 feet in the air. That feller Ken from Tennessee come drag'n in yesterday afternoon...park right in my front yard. Then here come the little lady Hazel from Canada...and park right in my front yard (Hazel may gonna be pull out today to places unknown). Somewhere warm I'm sure. Good to see her again.

I learnt something yesterday...not that I don't learn something every day. I were watch'n the news and these two fellers were discussin some off the wall stuff....when all a sudden this one feller turn on the other...all red face, puffed up, call'n names and fight'n mad....like a dog. All over one not agree'n with the other. Sheesh!!! Now is that any way for two grown adults to act? But then I got a think'n.....that happens every day, not only on the news where millions are watch'n. Remind me the time bout the loss of a good buddy over how to boil water.

Old uncle Ben mentioned his JD lawn mower the other day and I got to think'n....let's hop that sucker up...."tool man" style. Yank that Briggs & Stratton motor out that thing and put in a fuel injected dual overhead cam 4 cylinder 125 hp Chevy power plant engine in there. Boy howdy, now we cutt'n grass . What ya think???

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  1. BB why go to all the trouble to put that cheby motor in a mower. They get 90+ HP out of them V twin Briggs that used to be 18 HP. They would weigh a lot less so that should make up for the extra HP. And they do race them to.