Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crawfish Sunday

Ho hum, what a boring life being retired, travel all over the country, no bills, two "hunt'n dogs", not a care in the world and still have nothing to do. Oh well, someone gotta do it.

Got up again this morning, not know'n for sure what day it is....think'n it were Monday. But then I got to think'n, I didn't eat crawfish jambalaya yesterday, so's this has to be Sunday. Chili Bob is brew'n up a batch of "cajun" stuff right now what we gonna be eat'em up after a bit. Then I got to think'n again, now where in the hell ya gonna find live crawfish in southern Ca.??? This ain't Louisiana ya know. I hear them dead'uns kill ya or make ya wish ya was dead. Hope old Chili Bob know what he do'n.

Didn't have a thing to do so's I put the awning out and sit on da porch sip'n a cup. Weren't an hour and here come the wind. What the hell??? Put that sucker right back up. Put 14 gallon fresh alkaline water in my fresh water tank. That give me bout 30 gallon what should last a couple weeks....if'n I only take "one" shower and do dishes weekly. Yep...that gonna work.

Thats all I did and have nuttin else to do the rest of the day. See what I tole ya....being retired sucks. I need a job at the bank...count'n money or something. Or maybe one them high flutin jobs...."hello, welcome to Walmart...have a nice day".

Beautiful day here at "da slabs". Bout 70 some odd degs, a few clouds and very little wind...now that the awning is back up. Go figger. Now I got myself three choices....read a book, play PlayStation or take a nap. Can anyone guess what I gonna do???


  1. You forgot "None of the above", but I'd bet on a nap. I just had mine.

  2. ha ha walmart greeter! you gonna scare em from commin in.

    You were just braggin about havin to watch me go back to the rat race while you sit back at the slabs.

    Grass is Greener , so true.

  3. I'm going to vote for "take a nap".

  4. Alex, I'd like take a nap for $1,000.