Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Project day

Boy howdy, ain't this fun? Here I been sit'n round talk'n to myself...get'n some really weird answers to my questions most the time. But soon as I start post'n bout one the hardest decisions of my life, suggestions start fall'n out the sky. Suggestions what make me wanna do some think'n. Good suggestions.....'cept'n for that OGT feller. It ain't like I got a whole lifetime to decide something. I got to do something NOW. While I still can. Two years....sheesh!!!

Jist in case some you new folks don't have the slightest what I'm talk'n bout.....old Billy Bob ain't got no home....no place to live....lives on the street.....begg'n for food....worn out clothes....ain't got no money in his pockets....lost in a tangled world of misfits. Hehehehe....don't ya just love being retired.

Woke up so late this morn'n I was think'n it was tomorrow. Ain't nobody sleep till 9am. From the looks of things, today is gonna be another repeat of what yesterday was...what was a repeat of what the day before was. Clouds. Now I want you tell me how a guy gonna get any work done in this kind of weather? Sheesh!!! I had plans. Not only that, it's 52 degs out there and a cold breeze com'n out the north.

I got me two projects to get busy with, one inside and the other outside. I gonna build me one them "snuggie" thingys out one my blankets. A snuggie you say...what the hell is a snuggie??? It a blanket with sleeves, but old Billy Bob gonna make a custom designed wrap around jobber-do with a hood an big pockets. I could just go to Walmart an buy me one, but there ain't nuttin like a home brewed snuggie. Only problem is, I gonna be cuss'n and throw'n stuff like I always do when I break out that sew machine.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were sew'n golf cart covers so's we could play golf in the snow....or what ever. Needles was a break'n, of course I were cuss'n, the dogs headed for safer grounds...outside in the cold, and my blood pressure went so high, I had'a go see the doctor.
He says, "do you have any stress in your life"??? LOLOLOLOL....hahahaha.....stress???? Have ya ever see an old man try to sew with a sew machine? Ain't no pretty picture.

Took me a drink that water I been get'n in the little town of Niland not 5 mile from camp. Boy Howdy, no wonder my coffee sucks. That some nasty tast'n stuff. Gonna have to fill one my big water jugs with some water out them water machine thingys. Don't care what it cost....I want good coffee. Ya think the water what mak'n old Billy Bob sick??? Nasty!!!! Ya would think I would fix my high dollar water filter....what been broke for 4 year. Bestest investment ya can make if'n ya travel all over the country fill'n up with all different kind of water. Put'n new water filter on my list of stuff.

Ok, it breakfast time and I got me some think'n to do.

Boy howdy, I done bout all the think'n an old feller can stand in one day.

Now for all you doubters out there, take a look see what old Billy Bob been do'n this afternoon. This happens to be my brand spank'n new solar oven.

The replacement for this old brand spank'n new cancer caus'n toxic fumes contraption. Don't EVER use styrofoam as an insulation in a solar oven.....ya gonna die.

Maybe gonna start on my other project tonight if'n we don't have a campfire. But before I do anything, I gots to pick up some this mess lay'n on da floor and fix me up something to eat.


  1. How many solar panels and watts do you have on your motorhome?

  2. The HIGH temperature here hasn't been over 50 degrees since Christmas Eve.

  3. Lol, I dont know bout you. Now means 6 months to you. I think you ought to take it easy and wait awhile till you jump into things and finally get yourself a home. A few more years at the slabs and you can become a fixture. whats wrong with that? lol

  4. LOL Ogt, I'll tell ya what wrong with that. Ya ever been in the middle of nowhere when it 120 degs....in da shade. But....if'n ya think it get hot at the slabs, run on down to Yuma any time bout June to October. Boy howdy.

    Anony....it gots 260 watts of solar panels...two 130's. More then enough for what I use. Well....some times fergit and leave stuff on and have to fire up the battery charger for an hour. 50 degs sound pretty good for nightime...good sleep'n weather.