Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ye old tater gun

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob??? Here it is a beautiful day outside, warm, sun shin'n, ain't no clouds, not a care in the world and I ain't got nuttin to do.

Just checked my Coffee Mate and I think I can go one more day before I make a trip to Walmart. I could'a swore I had another container that stuff, but I can't find it no where. Got a nice list made up for my Walmart run, but I ain't in no mood to be driv'n all that distance right yet. I figger that Walmart gonna still be there tomorrow.

Old Uncle Ben posted a video yesterday bout spud guns. Boy howdy...ya talk bout fun, them spud guns be a blast. First one I built was just a "toy" compared to the other one I built. A high pressure pneumatic jobber'do what shot "bak'n taters" over 250 yards. That were one mean spud gun.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were liv'n on "da boat" in the marina shoot'n my "toy" spud gun what used hair spray for propellant. After bout a 5# bag of taters, here come the cops....4 cars of them. Threatened to put me in jail. Took my spud gun never to see it again. Well that piss old Billy Bob...Barnacle Bill at the time....off. So's I put dry ice in some them 1 liter plastic bottles, with just a little water, put the cap on and throw it in the water. Boy howdy, you talk bout an explosion...whoa!!! Sound like dyno-mite.
Here come the cops....one more time....say'n "Billy Bob, ya press'n yer luck". Sheesh!!! What a bunch of party poopers. Since when is there a law against hav'n fun???

Now....back to reality.....gonna go sit on "da porch" and sip a cup. Do some think'n.

Well, got all my think'n took care of and decided to take that looooong trip to Walmart. Done spent more than I was expect'n to, but what the hell. Got enough stuff to last for the next two months.....maybe.

While attempting to polish the back side of my solar oven reflectors, I done figgered that was too much like work, and old Billy Bob ain't gonna get caught up in a day job. So's I got to think'n, cover them with tin foil....what gonna get all tore to hell. So's I got to think'n, if'n tin foil gonna get all tore up, why not use something more shiny....solar blanket material....$2.88 for enough to cover 10 sets of reflectors. Yep, that what I gonna do. Glue that stuff to some sheets of foamboard and be very careful not to scratch it. Yep...that what I gonna do.

On the way back from Walmart, we see this big ol' fake cow out front the cow feed farm....with a big ol' red nose. Will get a pic of it the next trip when back I go to pick up some drugs.

Oh boy howdy, we gonna have the rest that spaghetti out around a roar'n campfire again tonight. Maybe tonight I'll eat as much as I can and waller myself home like an old sow hog. Sounds good to me. Campfire starts in 30 minutes, so I'm out of here.

"That's all I have to say bout that"....GUMP


  1. Coffee Mate? I never use that stuff or sugar either. I have been guilty of using Nestle's Hot Coco mix in it though. Do your self a favor and get a box of it to try out. Better yet get that with the dehydrated marshmallows in it. Put a packet in a hot cup of coffee and boy is it good! I used to drink 12 cups of coffee a morning and saved the last two for that mix. Can't find the stuff down here so its just 12 cups of straight black coffee. Don't get no other kind though because it just doesn't measure up. And for sure stay away from the Nexquick! That stuff is LOUSY!

    Spud guns is fun to.

  2. Billy Bob I just love your "outlaw" stories. Bet you were a hoot to hang out with or maybe not...would not have wanted to be there when the cops showed up, lol!!!

    Have you started writing the old Pancho Villa stories you promised us?

  3. Tffnguy - wow 12 cups is a lot of coffee!! When I drink coffee I too like it black with no sugar. Do not care for coffee mate or any other additives.

    Think I will just brew me a cup.