Friday, December 25, 2009

Cancer 'caus'n toxic fumes

Ok....here's the deal.....don't eat the jalepeno cornbread I made yesterday. I were barf'n an squirt'n come 2 am. So...the way I rekon it is that this thing has got to go. Can't burn it 'cause of the toxic fumes it gonna put off....and probably kill some body suck'n up them fumes.

Then my lady friend Hazel come over and asked if I got sick too....says everyone got sick. "If I got sick too"???? They didn't eat my jalepeno cornbread, but the whole campsite ate Tennessee Kens funnel cakes. Includ'n me.
Hmmmmm, now what ya gonne do Billy Bob???

Well shoot, fire up the solor oven and cook something. Something that will absorb styrofoam cancer caus'n toxic fumes. A big chunk of biscuit dough....what I did. When I opened the oven to take out a solar cooked biscuit, I could smell something unusual....cancer caus'n toxic fumes. That's it, I'm done, finished...solar cooked. Now let me see, for a hunerd dollar, I could build another solar oven....or I could put that hunerd dollar in my gas tank and go somewhere it's warm.
What would you do????

Santer Clouse foun't my door step with no problem last night. Brung me a coffee cup what he had a pic of hisself printed on the side. Three bags of that caramel popcorn with the little do-dads what stick in your throat and ya gasp for air try'n to dislodge that little do-dad. Old folk don't need to be gasp'n for air....we got enough problem now.

Christmas dinner were a smash hit. Had bout 25 folks eat'n up prime rib, oven baked ham, smashed taters, candied yams...a bunch other stuff I don't eat and a table full of arederves...little carrots, broccoli, maters, crackers & cheeses and all that stuff. Broke out 3 the biggest pies ya ever set yer eyes on.


  1. Dang, that is some toxic cornbread BB,, but I am betting that AGAIN, someone else's cooking is your problem. Sounds like you got Food poising, again. like you did back Thanksgiving.

    You never mention being ill from your own cooking when you out alone, like normal.

  2. BB you got to quite eating every think that some one puts in front of you. How could funnel cakes cause food poisoning? must have been some thing you put in the funnel cake.

    You didn't eat a bunch of old left over BB chili did you.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year