Friday, November 20, 2009

A gazillion things to do

Crawled out of bed early this morning know'n I had a ton of stuff to do. And it were freak'n cold...not supposed to be, but it were...28 degs with right at 50 degs inside...that where I sleep ya know. Kick on the brand spank'n new Mr Heater and in nuttin flat, old Billy Bob be nice and warm.

[X] 1. Wash the freak'n dishes
[X] 2. Laundry....now ya gotta fold and put up
[X] 3. Pick up all tools
[X] 4. Put Fred in "da jeep"
[X] 5. Rake and pick in "da jeep"....where the hell my rake...Oh, there it is
[X] 6. Find a place for the air compressor....air up tires to 90#
...there went another $20 bill
[] 7. Return borrowed tools and ladder to pesky neighbor Wayne
[X] 8. Remove "dead" battery from where it at and put it over there with the other "dead" batteries
[] 9. Beat sand out of entry carpet, roll up and stow
[X] 10. Take 100#'s of "stuff" to dumpster
[] 11. Take a nap
[XXXXXXXXXX] 12. Take a much needed break

Now, if'n I can put a check mark in those 10 items, I will have had a great day. But, don't bet your youngest child that it'll happen.

The way I figger it, if'n I leave Deming on Monday, I will make the "slabs" just in time for Thanksgiving dinner at the Oasis. Boy howdy, did we ever have a feast last year. Two great big ol' deep fried juicy turkeys, all kind of taters, couple gallon of gravy, home baked breads and rolls and the biggest green salad ya ever see.....you know what we had....same crap ya have at home. Then there were every kinda pie, fruit salads, cake and 6 cans whip up cream. Fresh coffee, iced tea, JD and all the beer and wine ya can drink up. Dang, I can hardly wait.

Boy howdy, only an hour left of day light. Old Billy Bob work from sunup till sundown every day.
I think I did pretty good for one day. Come tomorrow, I should be all done and can sit back on "da porch" all day Sunday sipp'n coffee and "do'n nuttin".

Tomorrow I'll make a new list. Look'n round out there, I still got lots to do. Little things. Why do I have to do all this crap every time I take off somewhere?? Sheesh, stuff everywhere. You would think everything would be in it's place and ready to depart on a new journey at the snap of a finger snap. Speak'n of ginger snap....what is a ginger snap....why is it called a ginger snap and do ginger snaps really go snap??? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. If it were me Id check number 11 twice. lol

    I didnt know they had such a big thing going on at the slabs. Since Im a new member they should have told me. I was trying to get to Terlingua over the holidays and now because of a Permitting problem I might not get all the days I thought I would get. That means I might see you there for T-day. But dont know yet.

  2. Ohhh so glad your health will be good enough to make it to the Slabs!

    Although I write to all my Slabber buddies daily, (Mary & Rich, Seann, and ChiliBob) If you wish, could you surprise em by a manly pat on the back for the guys and a hug for GoofyMary from me? Sure wish we were there for the festivities, but we are stuck in work-a-day world for 3 more years till fulltiming. Am trying to get hubby to condense all 8 weeks of vacation into one lump to go there during the winter. That would be SO NEAT!

  3. Well at least I can check off the dishes. I usually try to get to them right after my shower, but failed to do it this morning so... The water in the tank got cold by the time I read your list to remember it. What's a little more propane and now that's out of the way. I guess laundry will be tomorrow and maybe the road work the day after that. I like your philosophy of not getting too much stuff done in one day.
    Looks like I'll be having that turkey dinner after all.

  4. BB, I can understand just how much you have to do, but what about lugnut, how's he doing?

  5. BB,, I'm with Bob from Athens on this,, how bout a Lugnut update? gonna get a vet there to poke him with some antibiotics fore you head out?

  6. If Wayne beat me in golf I'd have to leave for a week.

  7. Lug Nut??? What ya talk'n bout. Since yesterdays draining, Lug Nut feels much better. He feels so good, he want's to go out drink'n again
    ...at the Mexican bar. Crazy dog!!!

  8. Maybe I should bring "Dog",(that's the name he answers to), down for him to use as backup, He's about 3 1/2 ft tall at the shoulders, appears to be Doberman and possibly Great Dane mix among others. Got him at the pound four years ago, just a puppy at the time. Had feet about the size of tennis balls, guy there told me he was going to be "average" size. Gran kids ride him like a pony.