Tuesday, November 24, 2009

at da slabs

Boy howdy, it were just like go'n home after a vacation when I drove up in the driveway. Although I did move into the elite district after spend'n last winter in "da slums". Someone done camped out in the space I was a want'n, but this one will do till something better come along.

Yee God it were cold when I woke up this morning. I were 240 miles from the slabs, so don't go get'n any ideas that it's cold here. I figgered it would be like 40 degs or something like that, but it were 29 right bout the time the sun woke up. Ya know that me and da sun wakes up together, right???

First thing I done was to break out the internet satellite thingy and start point'n it at...what else, a satellite. Now what the hell's wrong this thing? Holy crap, I'm gonna be without the most important thing...internet. Hold on, if'n old Billy Bob can fix a flat tire, he can fix this thing. Break out some tools and take it apart!!! LOLOLOL....hahaha...yeah right. Anyhows, with both laptops run'n and push'n buttons, I finally got'er up an run'n on da internet. Trade secret so don't even ask.

Ol' Lug Nut knowed right where he were at when he jump out "da house". He were "gone"....just like that. He DID happen to come back a few times to check if'n I was still cuss'n and rais'n a fit. Old folk do that ya know. Lug Nut is a good dog. Crazy dog!!!

Not gonna even try to post a pic tonight....shoot, most ya already in bed. So's, old Billy Bob gonna be talkl'n to ya tomorrow.


  1. Glad you got there ok,, was worried, thought you would have posted on one of you over night stops at least..
    Have fun.
    ( won't say stay out of trouble :-) )

  2. wheeheeee ya hanging out with all my good buds on Rayhound Rd and Chef Roger Way?

  3. Where did you spend the night last night. I was thinking you would wait until early tomorrow morning to pull into the Slabs.

    Anyway we were thinking about you, glad you made it without any major problems with da Jeep.

  4. Glad to hear that you got to the Slabs. Was concerned when I read your last post as you indicated that you were not feeling well.

    Have a great time and don't let old Lug Nut take off like the wind remember what happened to him just a few days ago.

  5. Heh Heh... Seanny Boy said he was *greeted warmly* by you in honor of me.... thanks so much!

    (He said he is still spitting and wiping his mouth from the kiss!)

  6. Was it cold last night out there?
    It looks like I will be headed out there today some time. I was going to terlingua but I lost a day and half off my vacation due to workumstances.

    see you out there.