Friday, November 13, 2009

Here comes bad weather

Well Holy Crap!!! Here come that "norther" right out the north just like what the weather guy says. Won't be do'n nuttin outside for the next 4 or 5 days.

Them clouds we had all day yesterday held the heat in last night. Never got under 50 degs so didn't have to use any heat......but....old pesky neighbor Wayne come over this morning and left the door wide open. Then when he left, he left the door wide open....sheesh!!!

Decided I need to do something bout all this mess I got all over the place. Can't understand where all this mess come from. Just a week ago everything was spic and span clean.

Only a couple weeks and old Billy Bob gonna be "on the road again". Can't wait to get to the slabs and suffer without a/c, electricity, water and sewer.

Then off to "da pond" over in Yuma Az. to catch me a bunch them rainbow trout. They start stock'n the pond in Dec, so if'n I get there mid Jan, them fish all be settled down and hungry. Boy howdy, I love fish'n.

If'n I weren't such a sissy, I would blow up my little boat and paddle round and get to them secluded areas where them bass hang out. Oh, before I forget, I fount my old tackle boxes the other day. I thought someone had done stole them. Hmmmmm.....salt water stuff. There ain't no salt water in the desert.

That ol' black cloud come back to Billy Bobs house again. Bout 5pm, Lug Nut come drag'n home with blood all over him. He done went off somewhere and got his butt whooped pretty good. Cleaned up the blood and went look'n. Yep, it his blood....three little holes in his neck and one chewed up ear. Kind a reminds me the time I were in this biker bar and call one them burley bikers "tinker bell" 'cause he had a little bell on his "ass stomp'n" boot. Boy howdy....bumps and bruises.... can't people take a joke? Any hows, Lug Nut ate up a "special" hamburger for dinner and is rest'n on the couch. Bet ya he don't go to no more biker bars strut'n his stuff.


  1. you could leave the door open and drive real fast around the corner and maybe your house on wheels would clean itself out.

    I miss fishin catch some for me.

  2. BBob just get out that Bimford Turbo 5000 leaf blower and in no time at all you can get that placed all blown out the front door, make sure you tie down Lug Nut, Sadie and Fred.

  3. Find yourself a cleaning lady and forget about it.