Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Black cloud never goes away

Holy cows, what a beautiful morning. Perfect for "do'n nuttin". It were 39 degs outside, but I were inside where it was warm.

Old pesky neighbor showed up bright and early tell'n my someone wants to buy my little red Bronco II. But it wouldn't start. What the hell he talk'n bout won't start??? Went out and turn the key thingy...nothing, absolutely nothing. Freak'n battery deadlike a road kill possum. No problem....jump it. What I did, but the battery won't charge. Put my high dollar 40 amp charger on it....only 2.2 amps. Here's the deal, if'n the battery was dead before the freezes, the battery froze. That's not good at all. Put my spare in the Bronco, hook up charger, and crank engine....purr like a kitten.

Went and give them windshields a look over....hmmmm, one corner stick'n out bout 1/2 inch. That what that tape were for. Anyhows, it has a ton of that black winder stick'n stuff behind it, so it's good enough. Speak'n of that tape, just out of curiously, I pulled a piece back and off come a piece of trim. What the hell??? Put it back real quick like. Tape supposed to stay put for no less than 48 hours....are ya listen'n Billy Bob to what the winder guy told ya???
Loved Rivers rendition of the trash truck episode yesterday in the comments section. Ya gotta go back and read it. I didn't think he had a sense of humor....ha, boy howdy was I ever wrong.

Now I done ate me up a big plate full chili cheese fries and here come the sleepy eye. Sound like a nap to me......laters

Guy come by what wants to buy my little red Bronco II. Ha...same guy that cheated me out of $50 on a trailer I sold him. I just told him it's not for sale, but the Jeep is. He left.

Dang, I didn't do a thing this afternoon....other than sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup and holler'n at the new bark'n dogs. Big dogs, loud voices.

Don't know what I'm mak'n for dinner, but it looks terrible. Meat balls, alfredo sauce, noodles and broccoli all mix up in one skillet. "My God Billy Bob, you eat some weird stuff".

LOLOLOL.....hahahaha.....boy howdy, that crap sucks. Dogs even turned up there nose. Looks like peanutbutter and jelly again.


  1. Hay BB. The last time I had a windshield put in and they gray taped the hell out of my car, the guy told me the reason was, It holds the windshield in place until the window goop has a chance to set up. I should have asked him what to use to get the gray tape glue off the paint.

    If you didn't think I didn't have a sense of humor, you have not read my last few posts about your golf game.