Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not much

Holy Crap!!! The sky were on fire this morning. Naturally, my batteries in the camera were still sound asleep. Fire in the sky is what the native Indians called a spectacular sunrise or sunset.

Bout 8am old pesky neighbor come over want'n to go play a round. Well shoot, I can't turn down an offer like that. First ball I swaked went right over there under that tree....now what ya gonna do Billy Bob. Punt!!! Second hole ate my lunch. Hit it right in that sand trap, what took me 3 strokes to get out of......Grrrrrrr!!!! Terrible front nine, but look out, here come Billy Bob on the back nine. 49 on the front....41 on the back.

Got back home with pains in my chest. Right where they opened me up with a can opener a year and a half ago. I should be healed by now. Oh, did I tell ya bout when my doctor found out I was swak'n golf balls 3 weeks after surgery? Boy howdy did he ever give me a good reem'n. He plainly told me "no golf" for 8 weeks. Notice how close a 3 looks to an 8....mistaken identity. Ate me up a big ol' lunch and laid down. Also fell slap asleep.

No more talk bout them damn quail. Soon as I mentioned blow'n up birds, my visitor numbers dropped off.
Speak'n of quail, I belched feathers all night long. Also speak'n of quail, them ring neck doves out there are much bigger....bout 5 pounds. Ya don't rekon???

Did a little porch clean'n today but not enough to notice, so no need to even mention it. Damn, I must be get'n lazy. Every where I look, all I see is work. Dishes piled up, groceries still sit'n on the floor, tools all over the yard, laundry to do and I don't feel like do'n nuttin. Don't even want to cook hamburger steak, fried onions, boiled taters and gravy. Sounds good to me.

Ok, so I didn't post anything earlier. So freak'n what!!! Just can't get in the mood for some reason. Oh...before I forget, got my Mr Heater super duper 18,000 btu heater yesterday. Tried it out last night before I went to bed and boy howdy does that thing put out some heat. Cranked it back up this morning....52 degs inside and in less than 30 minutes it were nice and warm. All safety precautions were observed. Gonna do just perfect at the slabs.


  1. BB I want to hear about all the bird hunting you been doing off your front porch. You get enough of those little twitty birds, they make a nice bird stew. served up with some Fava Beans.

  2. River, we have a population of over 150 quail and all the dove ya could ever want. Been feed'n 'em for three years.
    What the hell is a fava bean????

  3. like a butter bean Bbob I think.

    That chest wound is gonna take a long long time to heal. I got a buddy who said it took him a long long time. I cant beleive you were swakin balls 3 weeks after. As you would say " B BOB YOU AINT GOT NO SENSE"

    quail is technically a vegetable on legs.

  4. Hey Billy Bob.. we LOVE the Mr Buddy! We tapped into the LP line under our rig and made a valve to hook onto up in a cabinet in our rig. But we had to remove the small regulator on the Mr. Buddy, because the line is already regulated. Otherwise it would only run on the LO setting and not the HI setting. We use it in a 38 ft motorhome and it works GREAT!

  5. What were you thinking Billy Bob swaking golf balls three weeks after your surgery??? You sir are NUTS!!

    Have heard nothing but good things about Mr. Heater but since I am afraid of the little green propane canisters I guess I will take some extra blankets instead when I go camping.