Thursday, November 19, 2009


Why??? Have ya ever thought about "why"? I remember when I was just a tyke or what every ya want to call it, my favorite word was WHY. Why are ya beat'n me with a stick? Why can't I stay up and watch TV? Why is it rain'n? WHY WHY WHY.
Well I got to think'n, why do I blog? Blogs are like movies. They are like books. They are like go'n to the zoo to watch the monkeys mess around. Yes, blogs are a form of entertainment. I like to blog, if for nothing else, for my own entertainment.

Last night there was nothing on TV that interested me, so I went back and read my blog. After read'n some the stuff I wrote on this blog thingy, I was laugh'n, slap'n my knee and think'n....Billy Bob, you crazy. Oh nevermind...not important.

.........will finish this later....golf ball swak'n time.

Ok, that's it, ain't never gonna play golf again as long as I live. "What's the hell wrong with you Billy Bob....you play better than that". Ol pesky neighbor Wayne spank'ed me by 5 strokes.

Been hav'n me some second thoughts bout going to the slabs. But I can save me up bout $3000 if I go. The way I spend money, I need to be somewhere far far away from Walmart, not have access to them "brown trucks" and no golf course within 100 miles. Do ya know how much I spend a month on "stuff"??? Boy Howdy!!!

Lug Nut not do'n too good the last two days. His neck were all swole up so's I put some heat compresses on it. That opened him up for drainage. Seems like I gonna have to get a stronger antibotic prescribed by the local "death squad" vet. I done lost two cats from infection where they was in bar room fights. I sure don't wanna lose Lug Nut to the same thing.

Well shoot, here it is time for dinner again. I get so sick of eat'n every time I turn around. Now....what the hell am I gonna eat???


  1. Maybe ask some locals about the best dog vet around? GOT to take care of ole Lugnut, and while you at it, I would advise to get him snipped, it will stop a lot of the running and hunting female dogs. Keep him home more and he be more mellow.

    Keep us advised on his condition.

  2. BB, eat something that you don't like and you will eat less of it.