Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Time

6am Billy Bob, it's 6am, what are you think'n??? Holy cows, why in the world would anyone be up at this hour know'n it's dark outside?

All night long I hear these little drop drop drop thingys hit'n my roof, what kept me awake half the night. I knows it ain't rain'n....just misting since 5 pm yesterday....so what the hell is that noise. Actually I know what it is but I would have to give a scientific answer to the problem, what I ain't got time to do. But if ya think about it for a spell, you will figger it out on your own. Just a hint...I'm parked under a big ole oak tree...."that ain't an oak tree papaw, it's an apple tree".

I forgot to mention yesterday that I broke out some tools and stuff and tackled the dash air again. Fount a refrigerant leak right there on that little low pressure cut out switch. Since I don't have any "O" rings, I just tighten it down a bit. ***hold on....gonna go outside and take a look**** Yup...same pressure as last night. That's the first indication it's fixed. So.....before I leave Garner State Park, old Billy Bob gonna charge that sucker back up. Come on hot weather!!!

Kind of got tickled last night when I read MsB's comment to blow the horn when I go through Del Rio. Does she realize how much horn blow'n I will be doing and the attention I gonna draw to that expired safety sticker? MsB, how bout I just wave out the window a couple time and call that good?

Get'n stuff ready for down the road. Oh crap, the front slide won't come in. Now what I gonna do?
I know, charge the battery, check the fuse, turn the operator with a big wrench and if that don't work, beat hell out it. Did all the above plus wobbled it from the inside.....now it in. Boy howdy did that ever "pucker the popster". One more thing to fix. As Ben would say....GRRRRRRR....

Ok, it's road time. Take down the satellite dish, hook up "that jeep" and be gone from here.
See ya down the road some where.

Hey, I want you look here what I found. Wifi in Langtry....so's ya can't get rid old Billy Bob that easy. Here to pester and torment ya with some more nonsense. Sit'n in the Community Center R/V Park.....lol....freak'n dirt and weeds. How bout this.....donation is $2 a night.

Back up a bit to Del Rio. They got one the biggest Walmarts ya ever see. The place was packed. A gazillion Mexicans and 4 white people. Hunters I suppose. Got a few items for my belly, dog food for the dogs and my meds....all in less than 2 hours. Didn't see MsB in there no wheres, but I know she was there. Now, the only thing left is to fill up the propane. Whoa Nelly, there's a place right there....slow this bug sucker down.....screech'n tires, "that jeep" try'n to climb up the back of "da house and a cop sit'n right across the street. Whipped right in there do'n close 30 mph. Boy howdy, what a ride.

Got back on the road all fired up to take me some pics of the Pecos River. Right!!! There was tractors, concrete trucks, all kind construction stuff. No where to pull off and a freak'n red light. My God was that ever a beautiful sight look'n down at the mighty Pecos. This makes 6 years I missed get'n pics. As Ben would say....Grrrrrrrrr......

Oh, before I forget, did I tell ya how cold it was this morning? Weren't 30 miles down the road and I had to turn the heat on....my feet was cold. Then another 60 mile down the road, it were get'n hot. Then the sun come out, what made it warmer. Now in Langtry, it's sunny and hot. Go figure!!!
Langtry CC R/V Park

Coupl'a abandoned homesteads


  1. I know you won't see this for awhile, but safe trip. See ya down the road.

  2. Boy howdy BB I know how you feel when that slide refuses to move. Had a 5er with a big electric slide and after being out for a week & with low batterys it was a real chore to get it in. Got to the point where I just hooked up the truck first and let it charge a while.

    I know your on the road so have safe trip.

  3. Your havin too much fun! Its starting to get real cloudy in California. I wonder what the weather is doin?

    safe trip.

  4. Glad you made it in with out hittin that big ole traffic cop trying to get propane !!! and WI_FI ??,, shoot son, you right up town with the big boys.

  5. What do you mean you haven't got your safety sticker yet? I figure you would have taken care of that by now...

    Nah I wasn't at Walmart, only go on Thursdays when they don't have as many people, they recently remodeled the store and I can't find anything anymore.

    I was at the radiator shop for three hours where I have a good look at the traffic on Veteran's Boulevard where you had to pass through but the mosquitos were eating me alive so I went inside where they were as equally vicious even with bug spray on.

    I can't believe you have WIFI in Langtry, lucky you. Have a safe trip to Terlingua and maybe think about getting a current safety sticker, lol.

  6. When I look at the old homesteads, I always wonder where the kids are. I wonder what lead them to leave the old family place. Then I remember my own folks, my Mom and Dad left the old family place because they wanted to "Get out of there" like so many 50s generation young folks they got out and when their parrents got older they didnt move back and instead brought their own folks to them.

    I guess thats why I get sad when I see the old places falling apart.