Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow in da desert????

Snow in Deming 2006

Ok, thats it, this crap sucks. Would you believe it was 60 degs at 4am and now at 11am it's 35 degs.????? Old pesky neighbor come over and say it's gonna snow. That's bull...it don't snow in the desert. But they did get snow in Albuquerque last night and this morning. That's 200 miles north of Deming.

Now, what the hell happen last night? I laid back on the couch last night and kept doz'n off. Went to bed at 9:30 and laid there for hours. Go figger!!! Didn't get up till almost 8am.

Guess I'll bundle up in some warm clothes and head off to town for a "that jeep" road test. Got all three my fingers crossed. Got me up a Walmart list and need to go to the hardware store, so it won't be a lost cause trip. "Put 'er on a hundred and let 'er eat". Did that with "Alice" one time on a trip to San Angelo Texas back in '02. Boy howdy you talk bout eat some gas. Rv's ain't designed for 75 mph on a dirt road.

Speak'n of dirt roads, did I ever tell ya bout the time....me and Vickie Lynn got on this dirt road down there in Big Bend National Park headed for Study Butte. Took two hours to go 18 miles or what ever it were. I named it "that road". That's how I found Terlingua...on our way to Presidio. There was washboard, big ole holes, washouts and just plain rough ass road, especially in a motorhome. Took a week to clean up all the broke stuff, sand and dirt. Boy howdy, that was fun.

Back later........

Ok, here's the deal. The jeep went down the road like a Cadillac....an old one. A really old one. It say I gonna go this way and then I gonna go that way....even though I only cross the center line one time. Got 'er too loose Billy Bob.

Poor old Lug Nut was off hunt'n or something when me and Sadie went to town. When we got back a couple hours later, Lug Nut was jump'n up and down like I been gone a month. He was so happy, he went back out in the cold (38 deg) to help me hook up the water hose. Just bout the time I was about to turn it on, Lug Nut jump right in the middle my back....knock me right down on the ground. Crazy dog!!!!

Yep, it snow in the desert. Little bitty snow flakes bout the size a pin head....more like little bitty sleets. But it don't matter what they are, it's freak'n cold out there. Wind blow'n bout 25 mph. It's a blizzard.

Gonna bake me up a cake here in a little bit. Need the extra heat from the oven. Gonna be a pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM YUM Boy Howdy....that sounds good.
Ok...cake in da oven. Here what ya do....put three great big eggs on top the cake mix and steer it up real good. Then ya add 1/3 cup some kind of oil....I used vegetable oil 'cause the motor oil is outside. Then ya open a can of crushed pineapple in there and steer it all up again....ya might have to add some flour like I did to get the right consistency....bout like cake mix. Throw it in da oven and ya done. Three fingers crossed!!!
Pic later.

Speak'n of three fingers....I knowed a guy what cut a finger off on a table saw. He was a computer programmer. Anyhows, we used to get around the barbie grill drink'n a beer or two and that when we says, "hey three fingers, bring me a beer". Just thought you should know that.
Did I ever tell ya bout old "one eye"???? Hmmmmmm, wonder what kind of nick names women call each other.There it are, just like was was tell'n ya. Now come the hard decision....what corner to start on, or should I just go hog wild and cut me a chunk out the middle?

It were Christmas at Billy Bob's house today. Boy Howdy, I been want'n one them thingy's for years. Lug Nut done been hav'n a blast chas'n it around "da house". Ain't gonna tell ya what it is until tomorrow....naa naa naa.


  1. Where is this dirt road in the picture?

  2. That IS "the dirt road" I were talk'n bout. Runs from Santa Elena Canyon to Study Butte....short cut. Looks pretty good right there HUH, but look out bout 5 mile when it takes off where ya don't want to go.

  3. I been on that road and yea, you right , only thing to do down it is a 4-wheel drive or a company car,, dang sure don't want to tear up your own car.

  4. 'cause the motor oil is outside'. I was literally in tears BB. Thanks.
    I think I drove that road in a rental van...

  5. BB that cake looks good. Too bad I don't have a cake mix around here or I'd probably be fixing it now. Maybe you aught to head back here to get away from that white stuff. Just make sure you leave it there if you do come back here!

  6. Sounds to me like you need to break out the electric blanket there BB. Keep after that Jeep and you will get it fixed right. Keep those heaters pumping it's going to get colder. Did you get those windshields put in your rig yet. If so then bust camp and haul for the Slabs.