Friday, October 23, 2009

Holy cows...it's cold

Good morning all you wonderful people.

My God, it's cold in Van Horn. Woke up to 39 degs., dogs whin'n, big ole trucks pull'n in and out, freak'n trains go'n by...all night long. Yeah, old Billy Bob hav'n a good ole time.

Have an appointment for after while at a glass fix'n place in El Paso. Boy howdy!!!

Talked to pesky neighbor Wayne while ago. He say...."ya wanna go swak some gold balls"??? So it looks like I gonna be swak'n balls first thing come Sunday morning. Can hardly wait. Did you know that we played a round a couple years ago with "snow" on the ground?? Talk bout hard to find your balls.

Ok, just a little update where Billy Bob at. Will see ya down the road.

Let me tell ya Boy howdy....arrived at the glass fix'n place and was gonna park in that big ole park'n lot the nice lady said them big 18 wheelers park in. Yeah right....I just blocked half their driveway and blocked in 3 cars. You know that I'm right at 58 feet long...right??? Went inside and got right to business. When the insurance lady asked what happened, I told her bout that big ole truck what was haul'n rocks. Damn, big ole trucks. In less then 2 hours, I was back in the cockpit rev'n that big ole 8.1 Chevy Vortec on my way to Deming New Mexico. In right bout a week, I'll be back in El Paso get'n brand spank'n new windshields. Yeeee Haaaa!!!

Back in Deming......I have to say it's good to be home. But it's been a wonderful trip....black cloud and all. First trip I been on in a long time that I was comfortable and felt good. Them surgeries can take a lot of ya if ya don't follow rules and take your meds. I must be heal'n up just fine.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne come over with a big grin on his face. Didn't say a word bout "happy to see ya", but I can read this guy like a book. First thing he did was take the dogs for a ride on the golf cart. Speak'n of ride the golf cart, had to go to the new neighbors down the road to retrieve Mr. Lug Nut. They have two female dogs and I think Lug is "in LUV". At least I know where to find him when he don't come home. Crazy dog.

That about it for today....I'm beat.


  1. good luck on the windshield deal and be sure and let me know when you can pick up your mail at your home address. :-)

  2. Just getting caught up here. Glad you made it out to Van Horn and hope your windshield is covered by your insurance or warranty so it doesnt make a dent in your wallet.

    I know you are dying to play golf once more. Say hi to Wayne for me...did you tell him I said he had pretty blue eyes?

  3. I'm home Ben.....in Deming.

    MsB, when I told Wayne what ya said bout his pretty blue eyes, he just blushed like a little panda bear.

    Yes insurance covered both windshields....YES!!!!

  4. Insurance covered it all?

  5. Double what Jandean said,,Yeaaa Hawww.. I will git to the mailing first thing in the morning,now that your wheels ain't turning. :-) Tell ole Wayne I said HI!!!

  6. One more comment before I hit the sack.....insurance didn't cover the whole thing. I have a big deductible I got to pay, but that's better than NO insurance. Hmmmmm.....wonder how much my rates gonna go up???

  7. you done up and disappeared.....see you next time.

  8. makin a note to myself, "dont buy motorhome insurance or else I 'll will be payin for Bbobs windshields" lol.