Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Late git up an go

Well shoot, I was expect'n to get up at the crack of dawn and hit the road pretty soon there after. But, I slept so good last night I could have cared less if I ever got up.

Hope the hell it don't rain!!!! Nope, no sunshine, but then again, that makes for roll'n down "thunder road" more enjoyable. Hope the hell it don't rain!!!!

Sit'n outside last night, just before sunset, I says, "are ya gonna charge up the dash air"? What I did. That sucker gonna be put'n out little ice thingys.

Took me some more pics last night.....old lady that told me "git off my land" just stared out a window....never said word as I creeped back over there to take some pics.

There ain't no use say'n no more. Go pay my rent for two days ($4) and get out of here.
See ya in Alpine....that is unless I stop off to look see something and stay a couple days.

Well shoot, it sure is discouraging................."that's all I have to say bout that" (GUMP)

Arrived Alpine after driv'n thru fog so thick ya gotta whip out a chain saw. By the time I got to Sanderson, it was pretty much clear and start'n get hot. Not so hot I would want to try out my brand new refrigerant in the dash air, but hot enough to open a window.

Got gas, fount the grocery store and almost ready to head south to Terlingua Ranch. Oh wait, I need some water....now where I gonna find water in the middle of west Texas desert wilderness??? Need to find a water hose lay'n in someones front yard.

Later y'all!!!


  1. Welcome to Alpine, IF I was there with you, could introduce you to a few people and get you some good ole well water. Best you ever drank.. But I'm not so you on your own. :-)

  2. Hey BB, just stop somewheres and tell um Ben sent me. They either gonna say , yea good ol Ben I remember him, any friend of his is a friend of mine, whatch ya need? OR they gonna say Ben who? then you tell lugnut to protect yer rear and retreat.

  3. You could have offered her a mayo n cheese sandwich.lol

  4. I guess we will soon be hearing another Bbob vrs the Police ifn you hook up to someones yard hose.

  5. What time is the golf game tomorrow?