Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here I are there

Thursday Oct 15, 2009 8:30am....no WIFI as of yet....make my own ya know.

Well here I am in the big open expanse of Terlingua Ranch sit'n right cross the road from the reknowned "Betty's Grub Shack". (PIC)

When I heard the news that they had a gully washer here, they weren't pull'n no leg. It rained.
Picked me out a nice spot to park "Sally da house" till some this mud and stuff dries up a bit. Can't say it's the best camp'n spot, but it'll do till something better comes along. Gonna have to disconect "that jeep" and do some explor'n. Maybe find me a place where the dogs can run loose. They be "hunt'n" dogs ya know, not rope dogs.

Woke up this morn'n....nice and cool....way late...bout 8am and the Grub Shack was packed with bout 8 or 10 folks drink'n up coffee and shoot'n the breeze. By the way, today is the Grub Shack's first birthday. Happy 1st Betty. Was gonna go over and visit but my hair look like a hay stack and my back was kill'n me. (Altitude changes change the air pressure in my mattress from soft to stone) Have ya ever slept on a rock???

The sherriff come by last night bout 9pm shin'n them big bright lights on "Sally da house" like I was gonna steal something. Didn't stop, but I were ready for him if'n he say one word bout that expired safety sticker. "Oh yeah, I know bout that...just drove straight through from Deming, NM where the motor home has been in storage for the last year....gonna get one first thing tomorrow".

NO....I didn't find a place to get water yesterday in Alpine. Pulled into a motel what had a water spigot but when I ask the sweet lady at the front dest for water, she flat refused. She say that spigot is for "pay'n" customers, not someone that live on the street. I got 30 plus gallons, so I ain't skeered. The wifi was free though.

2pm.....there'a bouts
Ok, here's the deal. Moved up the road about 100 yards into a big ole lot for sale....still across the street from the Grub Shack. Set up the satellite dish and got me some internet. Got a great breeze blow'n out the west and some shade on the sit'n side of the coach. What more could ya ask for??? I be boondock'n!!!!

Seen JW earlier on his way to Alpine. Didn't have long to chat, but then there weren't much to chat about in a bunch of folks all talk'n same time. Will get up with him laters.

Oh.....forgot to do my laundry back there in Alpine. Now I have to go to Study Butte and pay $2 a washer and $2 a dryer.....as Ben would say....GRRRRRR.... Got one more pair of jeans, so I have bout a week fore I need to go. Did you see how much gas was back in Marathon??? Try $2.95 a gallon....sheesh!!!

Maybe laterz......


  1. There is supposed to be a wifi spot on the road that runs south from the cafe,, guess it is down about 7 miles. Sorry I can't remember the name, but you will dang sure see it on your right side going down. Or just take your laptop out to John's place in the jeep, he can get you online from there.. TAKE PICTURES!!

  2. I had no idea the Grub Schack was enclosed, good idea to keep the dirt down while eating.

    What is it with you and law enforcement Billy Bob, lol, at least you have a good excuse for the expired inspection sticker.

    You should of gotten water while you were in Del Rio. I would have gladly offered you my mom's spigot and garden hose.

    Those little towns have outrageous prices on gas but I bet Study Butte prices are higher than Marathon's.