Sunday, October 11, 2009

you talk too much

Got a complaint that "you talk too much". Well actually, it weren't that I talk too much, it were that I write too much. Now someone 'splain to me how a little one liner can be too much??? It only takes a couple minutes to read what I have to say and if'n ya click on one the pics, that's only a minute more. So, the way I see it, I have taken up 5 minutes of someones time, what is .0034722 percent of their day. Well shame on me!!!

Ok, I give up. Every time I go to look at The Field Lab web cam, it don't work. Sheesh!!!

Boy howdy is today gonna be a goodern or what. It's 53 degs, not a ray of sunshine and it's snow'n in Canada. It ain't right I tell ya, it ain't right.

Put the hi performance chip back in "that jeep" yesterday 'cause it been run'n kind of rough. Will check it out when I haul the trash to the dumpster. But that's the least of my worries. I noticed while pull'n "that jeep" that it don't steer around corners like it 'sposed to do.....it slides. Make a screech'n sound...pull'n rubber right off them big front tires. That ain't right. Sure would like to "beat arse" the guy that sold me this piece of junk. But he were bigger me.

Off to the trash bin with a load. Boy howdy do "that jeep" run......just like before. Now get'n back to drag'n that thing around corners. Why would anyone put tractor tires on a car in the first place? Them suckers are 265/75/R16....tractor tires. My think'n is, tires that big are meant to look good to the younger generation, but to us older farts, they are just meant to "break something" and cause us to get grey hairs. Now I got to think'n one more thing, with the key in the lock position, it don't lock....so with that think'n, do ya suppose someone stole this jeep at one time or another and screwed up the steering wheel lock....and it's binding. How the hell do I gonna check that???

Ok, here's the deal. I gotta get out here tomorrow by 2pm or I gots to pay more rent. And, since I don't like to pull anchor before the sun comes up...likely chance that gonna happen....I have decided tomorrows agenda. Bout 150 mile down the road is a place called Langtry, Texas. That where the old Judge Roy Bean hung out....get it, hung out. He was "the" law west of the Pecos (river that is) and if'n ya spouted off to him, he hung ya.....right there on the spot. Been there a few times.....just rid'n through with the cattle drive head'n to the stock yards up in Abilene. Sup'ed me up a few drink and was on my way. Just like that!!!

Anyhows, I gonna spend the night there at the Community Center, or something like that, park'n place. Ya donate what ya want, what is usually bout $5 or so. Sounds good to me!!! Last time I were there, the whole park'n area was "mud"....old black cloud ya know. If'n ya never been to see the "Jersey Lilly", ya got stop by next time you're pass'n through west Texas on US90, go'n either way. You won't believe the big ole canyon what runs through there....magnificent. All the Indians are gone though....Southern Pacific took them to Florida or some place like that. Give 'em room and board and free subsidized healthcare.

For my dinner tonight, I gonna build me a big ole juicy burger. Did I tell ya bout the pork chops I fed to the dogs. Boy howdy, don't know what I did, but that dinner sucked. The pork chops were fine....it's all that stuff I cooked them in what sucked.

Till later....probably morning, after that I may be off line for a few days. Too much hassle set'n up the satellite dish.


  1. BB don't pay any attention to those nay sayers out there who complain about your long blogs. The rest of us enjoy the news and the nonsense.

    Those front tires should be tracking better than that. Did you have the key in the right position? mine has to be in the on position to unlock the steering wheel, also mine is a GM product. Keep up the photos also.

  2. yea, What River hauler said,, keep writing,

    Don't know nuthing bout no Jeeps but on my old IH 4 wheel drive, if my hubs were locked in 4WD it would do the same thing. Course this was back in the 80s when they make REAL 4 WD's

  3. Hey ... I LOVE Your blog and the way you have with words. Your words are so colorful and funny! You have a good life.

  4. BB if'n some of the readers are too lazy to read the whole blog, that's their problem. Don't change a thing, keep right on writin and ramblin!

  5. BB I gotta agree with Bob, its your blog so write whatchu want, if folks dont wanna read it then they aint gotta read it, but I can assure you that I will read it all word for word and Im sure I aint the onliest one what feels that way! BTW aint GSP one neat place? If'n you get time check out Seminole Canyon SP, its rite down the road from ol Judge Bean.

  6. Just so no one get the idea I don't read the comments, I sure do appreciate everyone what says "keep on keep'n on". I were gonna do it anyhows 'cause I like to write.

    Anon....I been to Seminole Canyon SP a coupla times and boy howdy is it nice.....not talk'n bout the campground...the visitor center and that great big ol' canyon. Ya can't even see it till you right on the edge....whoa!!!

  7. I can't believe someone would complain about the length of your posts...oh well some people always have to find something to gripe about!!

    I LOVE your blog and especially the unique way you write and tell your stories, it could be pages long and I would still read it because I ENJOY doing so.

    I guess you will be passing thru Del Rio...honk as you go by, lol.

  8. Bad news about the jeep. Sorry. Hey , if you go past pecos they got a museum thats really worth it. and across the street, A judge Roy Bean museum as well.

    Just got back fro Slab City and catching up.