Monday, October 19, 2009

Homestead hunt'n

Boy howdy, let me tell ya.......I want you look outside all the sunshine, not a whisper of a breeze...it's beautiful. This is gonna be a good day, I can see it now.

Great big ole pick up pull in the yard last night...."hey, you Billy Bob"???? It were one them fellers what live up there round Ft Worth, or something like that. Nice feller down here work'n on his "shack". Not a little shack mind ya, one them big ole 4 bedroom jobber do's....well maybe not 4 bedrooms....something like 24' X 28'. Thanks for the visit Bill.

Yesterday when I posted about that "creek", I left out the details 'cause I wanted to. Ya see, it's like this, there ain't no creeks...only little dry washes what get some water in them when it rain. Then come to find out, the property been sold to one my bestest buddies in the whole wide world. Hmmmm, since we such good buddies, wonder if'n he would consider trad'n for a fully loaded, perfect run'n condition, never a problem, 1997 Jeep GCL 4x4 mountain climb'n sum a gun.

Got tabs on another piece of property from an inside source last night. Twenty acres only a mile or so from the VFW. "Papaw, that ain't no oak tree, it the American Legion". On a brand new graded road with no "creeks" to cross. Gonna be headed out to take a look after I get that other eye open. "don't forget the little card for the camera"

That was easy....just down the road a piece, like 5 mile e'zackly. Very nice road all the way. A little washboardy, but what the hell do you expect...blacktop??? Don't know if I was at the exact location, but everything looks the same. Lots of yucca and beautiful desert growth as far the eye can see. Only problem I see is "neighbors" 1/4 mile each way. One almost cross the street.

Now what ya gotta do Billy Bob is decide "what ya gonna do".


  1. Bbob, Im sure John set you up with the person who took over DB Smiths biz. I wonder if they are selling land. Dbs land was very reasonable priced before.

    you know I was only kidding about buying that land. come to find out someone else bought it. I dont know to laugh or say AHHHHHHHH.

  2. I took the liberty of sending your info to a buddy who has some land down there me would let go. and OGT, if you interested as well, let me know. I will put you and he in touch

    Have fun BB!!! :-)

  3. From those pics , It looks like your on comanche road. lol

  4. A blogger friend of mine told me that the population has doubled since last year. Not to mention all the land sales that have taken place.

    I guess I will never find my little piece of desert, people are buying like crazy and driving prices up...(sad face)

  5. MsB....there is soooo much land here for sale and still cheap. Like the 20 acres I looked at today....$200 an acre (cash), very good road, a mile off of 118 and 5 miles to da Grub Shack.

    LOL...funny Anony

  6. Big mistake Billy Bob...big mistake
    If'f I had'a done my math correctly, that $200 an acre would turn into $250 an acre. Sorry for the mistake....eeeeeerrrrrr!

  7. First of all I am SCHOCKED you are up at 12:58 am, lol...were the coyotes serenating you tonight?

    I figure there was an error somewhere since the land was close to the highway and in a semi good road. The average price is $300 an acre so if it is $250 it is still a good deal.

    I am looking for 5 acres or less being that it is only going to be me, I don't really need something that big.

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