Friday, October 16, 2009

Critter in da yard

Holy cows, what the hell is Lug Nut bark'n at??? Oh, I see, a coyote is loose in my yard, not 50 feet from "da house". This was last night ya know!!! I'm think'n he smells dinner...dawg dinner. Would'a got out the camera, but I were busy get'n Lug Nut and Sadie Mae safely inside. That was one persistent old coyote. He was mak'n a big circle, stop'n behind every bush, peek'n out an check'n see if I was still out there wav'n my arms, scream'n "git off my land" and throw'n rocks. Later I was serenaded by a whole bunch them things right over there.

Got up a bit chilly this morning....59 I think. Boy howdy did I ever sleep good last night. Speak'n last night, let me tell ya bout this great big white dually diesel pick up what pull up in my yard. Now most people just drive by and give me a wave, but this guy.....he pull up with them bright lights shin'n, goos'n that loud diesel engine and just sits there....Rmmmmmm Rmmmmm Rmmmmm. I were 'spect'n some "triangle" type person to get out.....you know the type, little bitty feet, skinny legs, broad shoulders, a big beer gut and a pin head. I got a word for them kind...."don't mess wid the popster".

Don't know yet what I gonna do today but I can guarantee, it ain't gonna be much. Although....I do need to check the steering on "that jeep". Gonna pull the stabilizer off and see if that's what caus'n it to "drag" around corners. Damn jeep!!!

Don't go away....there gonna be more later, so check back.

See there, I told ya so.....I'm back.

Took the dogs out for a run....in the repaired jeep....or I think it's repaired. Took one end off the stabilizer and now it's easier to steer. Seems it was binding. Took a ride down the highway as a practice run....steers fine but the vibration is still there. New tires soon as I get back to Deming.

Ok, bout the dog run. Them dogs cut across the desert like their butts was a fire. Zoom, they was out of sight. Hunt'n rabbits or anything that moves.
Took off on a road to nowhere and come up on old Leons camp. Naturally he's gone, but left some stuff behind. One them fold up canopy thingys with a gazillion arms. Hmmmmm, that just what I been look'n for. Not to use as a canopy, but for the pieces. I collect junk in case ya wanted to know. One more trip back out there with my fully charged portable drill and take that sucker apart. Now I gonna have me some brand new high dollar solar panel arms for raising them up for more efficiency.

Stopped by JW's for a few minutes, just in time to see Benita and "what's 'er name" walk'n up the road. Sadie Mae come unglued. She was gonna eat her a big ole longhorn cow. Little does Sadie know, but a longhorn would eat her lunch in a heartbeat. But she don't know that yet.

Windy this afternoon but a beautiful 73 degs. Sounds like a nap to me.


  1. BB, you got to keep those dogs of yours inside, Coyotes don't know how much you love them. To them they are just an easy Dinner. About that DAMMED JEEP, ask around out there, I bet you can find someone who knows about them out there. Maybe not a garage, but a local who has/had one. or put a for sale sign on it and git it gone? there are a lot of 4WD out there.

  2. Now if'n I was to sell "that jeep" at this stage of the game, what would I have to complain about? As far as find'n a mechanic out here, you're not really serious are you? Ya can't even find someone willing to "work for food", much less get their hands greasy. You think old Billy Bob laid back, check out the locals here.

  3. If you urinate around your campsite it will keep the coyotes away

  4. jajajaja...I couldn't help but laugh at the last comment, don't know if it true or not but it is funny none the less.

    So whatever happened to Leon? a lot of people asked on JW's blog but he never answered...

    Are you still planning on buying your 20 acres?

  5. MsB, poor ole Leon had a rough time in the desert. Will try to update later in the morning.

  6. Hey BB dont know if that work or not either but it sure worth a try! My grandson when he was younger would always ask me " Hey can we go whiz outside" and he was always tickled when I'd say "sure, let's go!"

  7. What time is the golf game?