Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spanish Fandango

Last night, while I was think'n......I got to think'n bout my old grandpa. I loved my old grandpa.

Way back in 1951, my grandpa sat me down many times and told me stories. Too bad I didn't write them all down. He was a musician. Played the piano and a plunked out some beautiful tunes on the guitar. Now....he were play'n the guitar one night, a tune what got my attention. His fingers was mov'n like they was chas'n a rabbit. He called it "Spanish Fandango".....something I never heard. If I recall, he told me it was a tune he made up or composed...something like that, while he was homesteading in New Mexico before it became a State. Don't know the validity of his story, but I been believ'n it all my life. Anyhows, he taught me that song. Think'n it would be lost forever, I taught it to two of my sons.

For some unforeseen reason, I typed "spanish fandango" into Google.....whoa, up jumps all kinds of links. YouTube sites, what I clicked on right now. There it was, just like he taught me almost 60 years ago. Boy howdy was I ever excited.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob......we'll see!!!

Holy cows.....old Billy Bob gonna be mak'n some travel changes. There's "water everywhere". From the weather forecasts for the Houston area, it's gonna be a wet one all next week. Rain'n there now. Just talked to daughter....see says the weather sucks and has sucked for the last two weeks. So......do I go to Houston or not? Probably not. I guess I could find me a nice State Park somewhere and do some "free" fish'n. You did know that fish'n in Texas State parks requires no fish license....right?
Well shoot, I did some research on this and I'm think'n maybe I lied. It was a one year deal and from what I understand, it were over Aug. 31st.
But I did find a State Park that has fish'n, a river for my little 1 man blow up raft, and trees to sit under drink'n coffee. Garner State Park, just west of San Antonio and 25 miles north of Uvalde. Right on my way to Terlingua. Sounds good to me.

Here is a sample from my old web site Billy Bobs Place.


If ya ever lived on a farm, ya go a cat. We had this big old "tom" cat that would'a make a lion cringe.
Been an animal lover that I am, I spent many wasted hours tormenting that poor old cat. He didn't sleep
anywhere he thought I might pass by. He would walk in a big circle just to avoid being within my reach.
I think ya get the picture. I loved that cat and he was gonna be my friend or else.
Well it came down to "or else".
I caught him sleep'n close to the heater stove one cold night. I snuck up on him real quiet like, and pow,
I jump right on top him. You would'a though a "bob cat" been turn loose in a pack of bark'n dogs.
He bit me, clawed me and scratched me, from my ankles to my head. I was a scream'n. I was in severe pain.
That cat done eat me up.


  1. A little visited park near me is Cleburne State park. link is
    http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/cleburne/ fishing and not crowded at all. Shoot I could even come over and see ya and what not, or just check your state parks list.

  2. BB I thought you was hanging around Port A so you could mingle with all of them sailing gals. there is a regatta coming up that we don't want to miss hearing about. Hell you'l have to go all the way to Weatherford to get out of the rain.
    Just put ol' Fred the duck on the porch and let it rain, beats seating in the A/C all week.

  3. My fav is Inks Lake, it's the only place I play golf. Basstrop is realy nice and they have a golf course but not much for fishing. Garner is okay, but I don't think there is a golf course in the park; there may be in or around Leaky. That is why Inks Lake is my fav, becuase you can fish, canoe, play golf, ride bikes, go to dinner in Burnet, breakfast at the Blue Bonnet in Marble Falls. Etc...

  4. You were mean to that poor cat, so you got what you deserved!!!

  5. Yep, What MsB said,, You never heard the ole saying, "Let a sleeping cat lie? " You got every scratch and bite you deserved.
    one of my brothers brain dead stupid sons walked in to my house and did about the same to Scruffy who was just laying there, Scruffy learned that dumb A a thing or two about messin with a sleeping cat. :-)

  6. Fish with no license? Wow I luv it.
    And as far as the cat, I hope it didnt hurt you too bad. lol

  7. I looked up Spanish Fandango on Youtube. Very nice song. Darn this Texas weather.