Friday, October 9, 2009

5am black cloud

Here I was lay'n in bed minding my own business, snor'n up a storm, when I hear it. It were that damn "black cloud" what follows me everywhere I go. And it were say'n, "piss on you Billy Bob". I jump up think'n....the windows...the windows in the jeep are open. Out the door I go....damn, that rain is com'n down and it cold. Got to the jeep and surprisingly, all windows were up. But it was too late. Old Billy Bob was drenched to the bone....freez'n cold.

For all that failed to check in yesterday, go back and do so. Speak'n of check'n in, has anyone seen MsB? She seldom misses writing something in the comments section. Comments are good.

Oh, before I forget...say my first critter last night. The dogs were the first to see it...."bark bark, oh look...a skunk". Run inside to get the camera and a flashlight, but when I got close enough to get a good shot, that skunk done raise his tail up and says..."hissssss hisssss" look'n right at me. I didn't know skunks talk but I sure knew what he were talk'n bout. No pic of course.

Ok....took me a quick nap since I got up wayyyyy too early. A bit chilly here in the camp....62 degs. Rain has quit but there's mud everywhere. You know, the kind that sticks to doggy feet then gets tracked all over the carpet. Looks like a carpet shampooing is in order when I get to Terlingua. (got my own shampoo machine in case you're wondering)

Boy howdy, it too cold outside to sit and sip a cup, much less go swim'n. Gonna make me a trip around the park and see if I can catch me one them game warden fellers. I bet he would know if there any fish in that river. A few days ago I post bout "free" fish'n in Texas State parks....well that has changed. (not 'cause of Obama' change) Seems it was an incentive to get people to camp. Ended Aug 31th. Now, I gonna have to go buy a fish license or sneak. Got caught sneak'n one time.....late in the evening with a whole bunch of fish. That game warden gave me a good talk'n to....boy howdy did he ever. Gave him a sob story bout how I was out of work, the kids was hungry, was wait'n on my disability check and had to borrow a fish pole just to catch something to eat. He let me off the hook, but took all my fish with him. Nice guy.

Now we talk'n. Rode all around the park and see why so many people come here to camp.


  1. OK.... we expect to hear some real good fishing stories from you about this place. Enjoy your self. Looks like a nice place to spend a few days. And stay away from the bushy end of those Skunks.

  2. I see fishing in the near future. Looks like a great fishin spot, hope you got a fly rod. BYW I did the same window down thing about two am with same results.

  3. nice looking site you got there BB.. is that bucket below the dish just weight to hold it? have you tried one of the low ground level mounts?

    Stay way from those dang skunks.. and keep the dogs away from them also, as you well know.

    Did you catch John Wells feeding this morning? pretty good way to kill some time.

  4. Speak'n of check'n in, has anyone seen MsB? She seldom misses writing something in the comments section.

    Here I is Billy Bob!! Had not had a chance to go online but I am catching up with my favorite blogs.

    Our senior class trip was to Garner State Park but my father did not let me go. Beautiful pictures btw...maybe one of these days I will make it down there.