Thursday, October 29, 2009

Froze water hose

Yee gads.....is this really true??? My temp thingy say it were 20 degs. when I roll out them warm covers this morning. Had'a be below 28 for my water hose to freeze up. Got just enough water for my coffee.

Turn both them elect heaters on last night 'cause I knowed it was gonna be cold. Was nice a cozy all night long. That is till I had to go outside to hook up the waste water hose....for the RV'ers out there, that would be gray water.

Boy howdy is it ever gonna be a beautiful day. Sun shin'n, no wind and already up to 37 degs. Don't ya just love the desert???

About that package I got in the mail yesterday. There were this electronic temperature thingy in it that ya just point it and push the button. A little red light come out and it tell ya what the temp is where that little red dot happens to be (infrared laser light). I been gonna buy one them for years. Thank ya Uncle Ben. Oh yeah, that wifi antenna sure will come in handy. Better try it on my other lap top before I screw up something in this one. I'm good at screw'n stuff up.
But, at least I'm also good at fix'n stuff what I screwed up earlier.

Back later....check back...................

How bout a big ole pot of chili???? Ok....pooof, ya got a big ole pot of chili. Old Billy Bob be one them magic fellers ....just snap my fingers and it's done.
Now....how the hell I gonna eat all that in two days???
Snuck me up a sample bowl....boy howdy...Billy Bob, ya did it again. Perfect!!!

Now what I gonna do???? Sheesh, I need to go outside.

Well, I didn't go outside for very long. It's still only 48 degs and the wind started blow'n and clouds started cover'n up my sunshine and I ain't gonna go outside no more today.

So, here what I been do'n. Broke me out some that Super Clean ya get at Walmart and started clean'n the ceiling....Boy howdy, that sucker is dirty...nickertine...fly poop....cook'n grease....finger prints (how the hell them get up there) and just general everyday crap. Being an old fart, don't expect me to finish today....or matter fack...tomorrow either. Ain't like wash'n a car what ya gotta do all at one time.

Ok, back to back break'n work......later for sure.......

Later for sure.....got 16 foots of ceiling spank'n clean. Only 16 more feet and I'm done. Then come the walls, winders and cabinets. Then shampoo the carpet....have me a brand new house, just like that.

Let me tell ya bout that chat thingy on the Field Lab. Boy howdy, I don't get it. "that's all I have to say bout that"


  1. Glad you are enjoying the "toys" when you git ready to try that other thing on your "good" computer, just create a restore point, and load up your new stuff. Then IF you have a problem after you install new stuff. Just restore the computer back to that saved spot.
    Stay warm , Bundle up

  2. Those infared temp meters are cool or hot depending. I dont have one yet. I dont know what Id use it for, but I want one. I think tools are a guy thing, We want them even if we are never gonna use it.

    You got to be freezing out there, stay warm.

  3. Now I really enjoy a good bowl of chili, and yours looks real good, could you fix up a pan of corn bread and slice a big onion to go with it. You can put whats left in a Tupper ware and it will keep in the frig until spring--give or take a day or two.
    We always have chili for lunch one of the days at Deer Camp and it's become community chili. One person starts it with their meat and spice mix and cooks it for a while then the second person gets it and adds their own stuff, 4 people made the Chili this year and it ended up in a 12 guart pot. Let me tell you that was some great Chili, we even had enough to fix Chili over eggs the next morning. That picture makes me hungry, think i'll start dinner.

  4. BillyBob I think you just need to take a deep breath and try that chat thingy again. Everybody gets mopey when you leave.
    Hey OGT- Nuh uh. Not just a guy thing. Believe.

  5. Why is it I always check this when I'm hungry? Now I want some chili and there ain't nothing around here to make it out of. (again) Oh well I guess it will be pop corn again.

  6. Hey BB, better hurry up and get ovet to JW's place. I could swear I saw a rock move about ten minutes ago.