Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now what???

Boy howdy was it ever dark this morning. And a mite chilly....46 degs.

Was sit'n outside last night just "think'n". "Billy Bob?" (Of course I answered..."WHAT???") Then we got into this conversation on "old age" what got me to think'n about tomorrow and next week...next week being a few years down the road. (Hmmmmm....I think I've had this conversation with myself a few times before) Us older folks still dream like we was younger folks, but at some point, reality sets in. "Ya can't do that stuff no more". To some, this may sound like BS, but when ya knock'n on close to 70, it ain't no BS.....it's reality. And it's sad.

When I was a young man in my late teens, I had a dream to travel the country in an old covered wagon, camp'n out under the stars, fish'n, hunt'n for food, cook'n on an open fire and an old ugly dog to keep me company. The closest I came to that dream was my old motorhome "Alice" and my ugly dog Boudreaux. Put 40,000 miles on Alice in the three years we were together and never looked back on a bad day. Then I had this dream to build me an old "miners" shack out in the desert somewhere. Sit on the porch and "spit" in the yard. That dream turned into a newer motorhome, what my oldest son calls my shack. So's I had to have another dream...a shack to put my "shack" in and a porch to spit in da yard. So much for dreams!!!

Looks like it gonna be a great day here in the desert. Sun shin'n, clear skies and a breeze blow'n out the east.

Ok here's the deal, old Billy Bob done decided to hit the road for El Paso and beyond. Gonna miss my "vacation" time here in Terlingua, but I got things to do, people to see and places to go.
See ya up the road bout 200 miles....if'n I can get a wifi connection.
Adios for now............

See there what I told ya, old Billy Bob know some stuff. Arrived Van Horn, Texas safe and sound. Although, I did stop a couple times for the dogs to do whatever they do.

Oh!!! Speak'n of dogs.....we stopped at one them roadside picnic areas and poor little Sadie Mae got into a sticker burr patch...or something like that. She was covered from head to all her toes with "mean" stickers...Texas size. Took 30 minutes to get them all out plus all the wounds I received in the process. Boy howdy!!!

Old uncle Ben was right on what broke my windshield. The motorhome had twisted, I suppose that would describe it, when I put the jacks down to level. I was parked on rather not so level ground. I guess downhill two ways would describe it. Anyhows, when I raised the jacks to leave Terlingua, that one windshield went right back to where it supposed to be....almost. But the other one didn't repair it's self....still broke.....as Ben would say....Grrrrrrr.

Had to move "da house" three times to get a good wifi signal from the Super 8 Motel. Probably get run off by the local sheriff for park'n too close and not rent'n a room. I mean I'm close....50 feet. But what the hell, Billy Bob know how to deal with them sheriffs. "Oh, I was go'n over there to the gas station and my engine died.....right here. Wait'n on the repair guy ta show up first thing in the morn'n".

I didn't say one word bout "giv'n up" on dreams....sheesh!!! I were try'n to express the point that..."to let a dream die, is to die inside".


  1. BB Never, Never give up on dreams, without them this old body probably would have called it quits long ago. No I ain't talking about suicide or anything like that, just that a body needs something to look forward to, to hope for, even if it's just wishful thinking. You never know what may happen tomorrow, so just keep working for them dreams a little at a time and someday who knows what may come.

  2. Yea, What Bob from Athens said, I have found over the years that we have to adjust our dreams from time to time. I used to have a Bucket list, but as time goes on I edit as needed. Check somethings off, add others on.
    Our Dreams are what keep us from going nutzo

  3. sometimes I wish I didnt dream at all. youd feel that way too if your dreams turned into nitemares like some of mine have.

  4. Ogt, a young person will usually put all his dreams in a paper bag, get strawberry jam all over his fingers and reach in the bag to pull out one dream, but end up with a hand full instead. That's where nightmares come from...too many dreams at one time.
    Simplify your dreams and work on one at a time. You have a lifetime ahead of you.
    Ha, I want you look there at what old Billy Bob just said. He a PhD plosifer or something like that.

  5. Thanks for the report on your safe trip. Dang dogs and grass burrs. :-( and hope the RV repair place & insurance will replace those high dollar windows. Think they should , IMHO.

    Rest well. No coyotes keeping you and the dogs awake tonight.

  6. I like that jam and paper bag thing. can I use it one day? of course after I put my time in.

    Your right, over complicated things turn into nightmares.