Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black cloud of doom

Holy crap, the sky is fall'n. Well, not really the sky, but my windshield.

Let's start from the beginning. On this Texas trip, I noticed a whistling noise over there somewhere on the passenger side, but I didn't investigate "closely" until yesterday afternoon. My freak'n windshield is coming loose...big ole gap right there where that whistling noise come from. The closest repair place I know of would be El Paso....so's, it look like old Billy Bob gonna be headed that way in a couple days. Boy howdy, talk bout losing sleep over something, this is it. Bad dreams bout driv'n down the highway and pooooof, there go my windshield... like a frisbee or something like that. When ya buy a $100,000 motorhome, you would expect the windshield to stay in place. I can find no humor in this 'cause I know it's gonna cost out the yang. Hmmmmm, wonder if it would be covered by my insurance?

Another beautiful morning, but I'm think'n it gonna get a mite warm today. This is perfect weather to be in the desert "do'n nuttin".

Coyote came up in the yard again last night look'n for something to chow down on. Lug Nut was tell'n him "git off my land" in dog talk, but he didn't leave till he see me come outside. Then he were gone.....out in the weeds somewhere.

Ok, gotta get this day underway.................

Well, things have gotten worse. While lay'n down to take a short nap, the driver windshield just up and broke. So, it appears I have more of a problem than just loose glass. Something structurally has either given away or was never right in the first place. Been online most the day looking for somewhere to get them replaced. So far it looks like Mesa, Az. One possibility in El Paso.
Boy howdy black cloud.

With all the time I've been online and cloudy skies, had to crank up the generator and hook up the battery charger. Bout an hour ough'a do it.

Sorry bout nothing humorous today, but I'm "mad"....like a dog. Way beyond angry. In fact, I'm so "pissed" I may just sleep outside on the rocks tonight.

Well, that didn't work. Tried call'n insurance co. but didn't have a cell signal. Drove down the road to where I had one 5 months ago and only had one bar. Finally got through to the "press 1 for english"...that was it....poooof, signal all gone. No real need to call them yet anyhows till I find where I gonna get new windshields. Should only cost me my deductible, what is still a hunk of change.

Anyhows, I'm gonna make me a big ole hamburger, sit outside and sip my coffee and call it quits for the day.


  1. About you windshield? Get ya some heavy duty Duct tape, I think it is the green one, and patch it up till you can get to the shop. It will hold in.

  2. For a minute there I thought it was raining in Terlingua, lol.

    I am with Ben on this one...duck tape can fix anything, especially on the passenger side, it wont block your view.

    Don't how if your motorhome is still under warranty or if the warranty would even cover it, but it's worth looking into.

  3. Crap! What did your insurance company say about the windshield?

    I took my RV to the shop yesterday cuz the furnace was making screaming sounds when it started up. Seems that the motor is going out. There goes $400.00 ! Crap!

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  5. I got to thinking,, there is a place on out that road to The Ranch that has a big sign up that says. Cell Phone service, or something along that line. You might take that jeep and drive up there and try your cell phone signal. I got a signal once a bit farther out than that even.

  6. I guess all I can say is I guess things can only get better.

    Sorry bout your windshield.

  7. I know you well enough to know that you already have the problem under control..Good luck with the replacement..and hope it's done right and fast...Hugs Viv...

  8. I know you well enough that you already have tne problem taken care of..Take care and Good Luck with the upcoming installation...
    Hugs Always Viv...