Saturday, October 10, 2009

ho hum day

Have ya ever had one them days where ya don't feel like do'n anything? You know what I'm talk'n bout....get up, look outside at clouds, cain't find your shoe, forgot to water the coffee pot, neighbor dog bark'n, only one eye open.....then ya know what I talk'n bout. The perfect mak'ns of a day of "do'n nuttin".

Old Billy Bob done went and stayed up till 2am last night. Don't ask me why 'cause I don't even know. Wouldn't ya know it, right at the crack of dawn, Lug Nut was say'n....."wake up, I gotta go pee". That's when I noticed...all the above.

Campground was really active last night, all the way up to midnight. Cars and pick'um up trucks cruis'n up and down the street, headlights shin'n in my windows, hoots and hollers, wimmins laugh'n and dogs run'n loose all over the place. You would think that after dark, people would make preparations to "GO TO BED". Sheesh!!!

Ain't gonna do a thing today but sit on my butt, drink coffee and look at stuff. Oh, while I think of it.....all them taters I throwed out there last night are all gone this morning. Speak'n of taters, taters piss me off. I buy a 10 pound bag and in a week, them suckers is sprout'n little arms and feet and stuff. What with that?

Did all my email stuff, along with the blogs....even cranked up JW's web cam to see nothing. What with that??? He say 7:30 to 9am....well...?????, where it at???

Here it is a few hours later and while I was out there sit'n in my fold up easy chair drink'n coffee and such, I got to think'n. "Billy Bob, are ya gonna let your last dream die"? I think I talked bout this one time before, but my dream to build my "shack" still stands.

Not a shack for me, but a shack for "da house. A 40 foot by 16 foot shelter.

Not just a shelter, but with a 24 foot by 12 foot front patio and storage room.....air conditioned of course. Here is a couple of my old drawings. No changes have been made.


  1. Been wondering what you were up to.. John Wells was on early this morning, I saw him! :-) and there were a couple of others there as well.

    and your potato issue,, same problem here, that is one reason I just quit buying any more than I am going to eat right away, like the redskin ones I had last week.. Dang they was good with just butter and pepper on them, ok, a little salt. but that it!!

    Shoot, just kick back today and make another pot of coffee, you do know it makes a good laxative don't you? :-)

  2. BB I like that plan for building a shack for Da House. Only I think I would build a single "great room" with a covered parking structure for the R/V. That way you could spend the day in the big room and sleep in the R/V at night. A single A/C unit would cool the room in the summer and you could heat it with a wood buner.

  3. BB, guess I am gonna have to call you to remind you to join John's chat at the ranch, just looked for you over there tonite bout 7 pm.. had a good time..

  4. Billy Bob I guess you would not be a good candidate to attend the CASI chili cook-off because people come alive at night there which is just fine with me as I am a nightowl.

    As far as keeping potatoes fresh I read this hint on Dear Heloise...put your potatoes in a brown paper sack and stick them in the refrigerator...it has worked for me, I still have the potatoes I bought back in August.

    In regards to your dream, I say go for it!!!