Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weather predictions...

Boy howdy, it's gonna rain. Or that what the weather guys have to say bout it anyhows. There was a time I would just jump behind the wheel and take off, not pay'n no attention to what was ahead of me. Many of them times I ended up driv'n in gale force winds and torrential rain storms. Not a fun trip. White knuckles all the way. Now that I'm a bit older....and wiser, I take a look at what is in front of me before I hit the road.

Ok....so what if it rains? Well, it's like this. I don't like rain and I don't like driv'n in rain. And beside that, there's a lake up the road a piece I want to stop off at, launch the "bubba boat" an' catch me up some fish. Got to try out that new fish finder ya know.

It rained here yesterday. Not a hard rain, but enough to keep the old Billy Bob lock up in "da house". I had planned on mak'n a trip to Walmart to refill my prescriptions and pick up a few grocery items. You know, donuts and stuff like that. Since I ain't gonna be leav'n today, I'll mosey on down the road and do what I was gonna do yesterday.

Everybody tells me I need to quit smok'n. Well, I agree, but I ain't fully convinced that smok'n is the only cause of people die'n from lung problems. Oh sure, all the doctors and our know it all government says smok'n will kill ya, but my God, just cause a guy dies don't mean he would have lived forever if'n he didn't smoke. Don't get me wrong now 'cause I know all them chemicals and stuff what is in a pack of smokes. I also know what chemicals and crap what's in the air we breath and the foods we eat (pink slime, chemicals and preservatives) every day. Smok'n is a vice. And so is over eat'n, alcoholism and chas'n after married wimmins. There ain't no get'n around it.....ya gonna die, if'n ya smoke or not.

Ok....got things to do....laters.


  1. As far as smoking goes, you are plenty old enough to make up your own mind. If it hasn't killed you by now maybe it never will. Probably it will be a jealous husband will do you in first.

  2. Smoking is about the only vice I have left! Don't want to be bored to death, so I still smoke!

  3. A neighbor and friend down the street from us, died from lung cancer, he smoked for over 50 years, it was a horrible way to go from his widow..He spent plenty on those cigarettes..He was a wonderful person, kind and helpful to all, his widow devastated only married about 5 years and the love of his life and hers too, too bad he never got the chance to grow old as he would say with her..He was the happiest in his entire life, they both were divorced for many years from spouses who just were miserable to them, then they moved into the same neighborhood and boom found each other, both had parents who were the same age in their 90's (mothers) they did not marry until they passed from this earth tending to make sure they were okay..Then they married and enjoyed the almost 5 years of happiness..that lung cancer was horrible, please please try to stop it will save your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My grandfather died from lung cancer. He never smoked a day of his life. My uncle died at age 85. He smoked 65+ years. My aunt died at age 83. She smoked all her life. My dad died at age 85. He smoked up till 65 years of age. Got cancer at age 83....not from smok'n. Other things cause lung cancer, not just smok'n.

      "please please try to stop it will save your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
      Will I live forever if I stop???

  4. I know what addiction is, and I'm addicted to nicotine even though I haven't smoked anything since Aug. 2004. When I'm about to die I'm going to buy me a carton of cigarettes and chain smoke them all!

  5. It's like this ... your lungs are your breathing apparatus... so why would anyone inhale smoke and chemicals into their breathing apparatus? Doesn't make a hoot of sense at all. However, addiction is what it is...it controls you, until you decide differently.

    Here's how I quit when I finally smartened up. I emptied an ash tray of old ciggie butts into an empty coffee can, then poured in a cup or two of water, and swirled it around. I made sure I had lots of smokes around so I didn't have a feeling of scarcity. Then I made a deal with myself...I could have a smoke anytime I liked, but first I had to take a great big whiff of that stinking coffee can...and if I still wanted a smoke, I had to take a sip of the stuff in the can first. The stink of that coffee can full of butts and water nearly made me gag. Never did take a sip, nor ever smoked again. It took me 6 days of sniffing and then I was done....

    Someone who still cares :) PS Stop rationalizing and just quit, damn it!

  6. Do some web searching and get a starter e-cig kit to play with.
    Ain't no Mississippi river boat project but a worthy project imho.
    After 53 years of addiction to cigs and a new stent, 2 month's on 'em and
    things are looking up. Breathing is easier and smelling/tasting a new experience. Plenty of you-tube tutorials and opinions, some worthy.
    It's personal experience in the end to settle with a choice that works.
    Coming up with the right mix % of nicotine, apparatus was a month's project, ain't looking back, no regrets, money in the bank too.
    It was a Bull Durham experience getting there, fun.