Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm confused in Sinton, Texas

Now I'm totally confused. I'm look'n for a lake. Not just any old lake, but one I visited last year when it was over a hunnert degrees every day. "Well shoot Billy Bob, just go back in your blog". I did that. From what I read in my old blog posts, I never knew where I was at or what I was do'n. If this confused me, it's bound to have confused my followers. There ain't no pictures too gaze upon neither. Just a bunch of meaningless words.
So.....if'n I can remember, my location will be posted in the title from now on.

Yesterday was a good day. Had a wonderful visit and afternoon with the OFM Barney over in Rockport. We jabber jawed for a bit at the Castle and then went out on the town for some Mexican food. Dropped by Walmart to pick up my medications what I had dropped off a couple hours earlier for refill. Barney hit th fish'n gear department grab'n all kinds of fish'n lures for our trek down to the fish'n pier. If there are any Chinese fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Barney gonna catch them.

When we arrived at the pier the water was almost crystal clear. Fishes like that ya know. I grabs a pole, tie on my special fish catch'n lure an' throws it in the water. Make a few cranks on the handle and "BAM"....fish on. It weren't a big 'un, but it was a eat'n size legal keeper.

A few more casts were made....something like a hunnert or so, with two more hook ups....what got off my line. It was a fine day for fish'n the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. By the way, that fish is called a spotted sea trout, better known as a speck. Good eat'n sum a gun I mean to tell ya. Fillet that sucker out, cut it in 1 inches strips, dip 'em in buttermilk, dredge them in squished crackers and pan fry in hot grease. Yum boy howdy. Do ya know how to make buttermilk? A cup of milk an' bout a tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice. Good for cook'n, but not drink'n.

If you look real close at the above image, you will see why old Billy Bob is reluctant to hit the road headed north. There some mean look'n weather in the forecast for the next couple days. And I don't want to be slap in the middle of it. Ya can't outrun storms like this when they go'n the same direction what you are. They gonna catch up to ya right in the middle of a nap. Then ya screwed.

I ain't got a thing planned for the day that can't wait till tomorrow. Was think'n bout go'n to Aransas Pass and launch the "bubba boat".......but, the winds are blow'n pretty good outside. Sky is covered with clouds as far as the eye can see. To get out of "da house", I may just take a ride that way. Who knows, I might catch me up a fish somewheres. Did I mention I like to fish???

Ok....that's it for now. Laters.

A hour later.....modifications.
 I were sit'n here mind'n my own business, sip'n a cup an' got to think'n....ya gotta install the fish finder transducer doo hickey on the trolling motor. So's I break out my miniture table saw (Dremel tool) and start modify'n the transom mounting bracket to fit on the trolling motor. Plastic fly'n all directions. "Slow down Billy Bob, ya got all day". I wire ties that sucker on there.....finished....I'm done....poooof, just like that. 

Now what ya think bout them apples??? Yeah I know, gonna knock that sucker plumb off first time I drag the trolling motor cross the bottom in too shallow water.


  1. Fresh fried fish? Boy, I reckon I could eat a mess of 'em!

    Hadn't been fishing in a coon's age!

    1. Ya gotta git out the house Jim. Fish'n license for us old cuss's is cheap in Texas. Walmart has all kinds of fish'n stuff.

  2. I think it's great when people include the state they're in when they write (and I don't mean like the state of chaos or confusion ;-) Since the blogs I read are from all over the USA... and a few other countries... it sure helps to know where they're at... might be someplace we'd want to go someday.

  3. I like your fish finder mount. Just remember not to put the motor the whole way down when it is mounted there.

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