Monday, May 7, 2012

Blabber mouth

Weren't gonna make a post today, but there are a few followers that check my blog every day just to see if the old Billy Bob has got something important to say. Most the time I don't.

I learned me a lesson yesterday with that big ol' long post bout my dogs. Won't be do'n that no more. My daughter once told me my blogs are too long. Not everybody has as much "time" on their hands as I do to be read'n long blog posts. So I'll try to make this one a little shorter. "Oh yeah Billy Bob ya blabber mouth, ya ain't never make a short post".

For the last 2 days I ain't been feel'n all that good. I know it ain't from something I ate. Been hav'n them breath'n problems again. Just can't seem to get enough breath. Get dizzy just watch'n the movements on TV. Have to close my eyes or look off somewheres else. But that was the last 2 days. Today I feel fine. Started tak'n my Advair again to open my airways.....what seems to help. Do ya know how much that stuff costs if'n ya ain't got prescription insurance. Holy cows....thanks to BCBS it only costs me $35.

Gonna have to toss Sadie Mae in the shower an' give her a scrub down with Dawn. She been scratch'n, get little globs of hair all over "da house".....and in my bed. She got herself some fleas. Dawn kills fleas....pooof, they dead, just like that. Once I get out of south Texas, shouldn't have no more fleas. 

All intentions are to pull out of here by noon tomorrow. Been here long enough. I been think'n when I get up the road a piece, I'll stop off at Lake Somerville and maybe catch me up some fish. It's just a thought at this time. If'n I'm think'n right, I get a 50% discount on the camp'n fees. Cain't beat that with a stik. That means I got to got to Academy today and buy me up one them fangled fish finders. Yeah, I better do that while it's on my mind. Maybe buy me up that battery I were tell'n ya bout a while back.

Go'n to Academy....... May be back with photos later.

 See what I was tole you??? All mounted to the battery box and ready to go fish find'n.

Speak'n of battery, Academy was slap out of the battery I wanted.


  1. Someone is always going to complain that a blog is too long or too short or not often enough or posted several times during the day or just once a month or something. Write for you, and whoever wants to read can. At least that is what I do. When I post. Which isn't as often as you.

  2. I liked the blog about your dog. Post whatever and whenever you want. I'm finding I sometimes can't breathe in enough air unless I yawn. So I go around all day yawning like a sleepy fool, and sometimes I have to sit straight up at night so I can yawn. Someone once told me if you start using an inhaler then you will HAVE to use it all the time, so I never did start. As long as yawning works, it's free anyway.

  3. Side effect of Advair--pneumonia. Found out the hard way, never had it til i used Advair a few months. Just be aware. Says it on the commercials too. I use Spiriva now.
    Have a great trip,,i love to travel.
    Found out about Dawn accidently once, when i got a kitten covered with fleas, stuck him in the sink with dawn,,BAM, dead fleas floating everywhere.

  4. Many years ago because of sleeping problems it was suggested that I use oxygen at night. I have done so every night since then and it sure makes me feel better. Hope you get over your health problems and don't get any bad side affects from the meds. Just be careful.

  5. Hi. I feel like I know you and all of your "commenters". I read all these blogs every day. I agree that you shouldn't worry about how long your post is. We aren't forced to read it! Was telling my husband that I would say something to you about Advair side effects. He has had severe asthma for many years. Uses inhalers every four hours. Yawning wouldn't help him! Several years ago our grandson was put on Advair for his asthma. (Yes, it runs in the family.) Anyway, the "old man's" doctor gave him a prescription for it. He absolutely loved it. His asthma symptoms disappeared, he wasn't shaky, felt better than he had in years. BUT, after about six months he started having these strange pains in his hands. Was awakened at night by severe pain in his thumb. I think he had pain in other parts of his body, too, but his hands were the worst. Finally, after trying to locate the cause, he decided to quit the Advair and go back to his other inhalers. It took a few weeks, but the pains went away.
    We just wanted you to know this in case something similar happens to you.
    Hope you feel better; and have a good trip to Georgia. Rose (we live in TX 9 months of the year; take our RV to MN to escape the heat for 3 months.)

  6. LOVED your doggie blog!!!! Don't change a thing, we all come here to read your blog because we like it the way it IS!

    I was on Advair, and yes, I had pneumonia much more often, 2 or 3 x a year. Also was on Spireva, Asmanax, Singulair, Flovent, Pulmicort, and Prednisone to help heal faster. My doc kept switching me around because something would work for a while and then stop working. After 8 years of this rollercoaster, I weaned off ALL of them!

    Best I found for me was oxygen when needed and albuterol puffers and albuterol in the nebulizer when needed. Got all them other drugs OUT of my system and I feel a lot lot better.

    And that dry desert air we were in last winter did a WORLD of good, compared to the humid damp stuff we get here by the Great Lakes year round. Soon I will be spending our winters out in the desert and it will be a HUGE relief.

    Plus, Steve don't have as many sinus problems when we were out there, and less snoring. Ahhhhhh sweet for ME!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Just my opinion...but I would say that the Blog should be for you and the length is a matter of what you have to say!

    Those of us that read it every day don't care if it's long or short, but only what you are up to or into!

    Main thing...is to have a good time doing it!

  8. "Weren't gonna make a post today, but there are a few followers that check my blog every day just to see if the old Billy Bob has got something important to say. Most the time I don't."

    Just copy one of your other blog posts and change it a little...... oh yeh youve done that before