Saturday, May 5, 2012

Took a ride....

Didn't have anything I wanted to do yesterday so me and Sadie Mae took a ride. We just jump in "that jeep" and take off....headed north. Spent half the day just look'n at stuff (camera sit'n on the table in "da house") an' talk'n. What do you talk about to a dog? Well shoot, I talk to Sadie Mae bout everything. Ask her opinion on things I'm confused and uncertain bout. Yes, she answers....with her eyes or the wag of her tail.

Speak'n of Sadie Mae, since we're on the subject, I think she's retarded....or something like that. Ya see, she can be lay'n on the couch tak'n a nap and "click", her brain goes bizerk (berserk). Start jump'n up and down, run'n back and forth from the couch to the bed....bark'n some weird "wooof". Then in no time flat, "click", it's all over. Weird dog. As for play'n like most dogs do, she don't. Just lays there....under my feet mostly. When I reach to pet her, she stick out her tongue and look at me like...."are ya gonna beat me"? She been like that from the first day I brung her home. Seven years ago. Chase a ball? Oh hell no, she ain't gonna do that. Fetch a stick.....nope. Don't do nuttin like a boy dog would do.

Nephew Joseph got a wild hair the other day to install a 'lectric box on the end of one of the shipping containers. You know, a 230 volt breaker box with a few plugs on it. He says, "uncle Bill will you hook it up for me"? Well sure I will. Put me in a 50 amps plug for "Sally da house" too. Don't know how long it will be before I come back this way, but I'll have electric when I do. Might as well run a water line over there too.

So, this postpones my departure to Georgia for a few more days. Do I need to be in Georgia on a certain day? Well no. When ya retire, ya have that constitutional right to be there when ever ya want. And that what I gonna do. Hope to be out of here by mid next week. If not, no big deal.

Speak'n of fish'n. Me and my son Ronny was talk'n bout old times when I used to load the boys up in the van an' go fish'n.....early '70's. Just me and the boys. Camp out for a few days. Throw rocks in the water. Eat pancakes, spam an' potted meat. Well, if I can round up all the boys, we gonna go fish'n. No wimmins. No grandkids. Just me and the boys.....and one retarded dog. Damn, that would be nice.

Ain't got nuttin more to talk bout, so.....I'm out of here till the next time. Got things to do ya know.


  1. I think going fishing with all your boys would be a great idea. Hope you can arrange it. Sadie May ain't retarded. All dogs are different, and she sure is different. . .

    1. Would be hard to get all the boys together at the same time. I know I can get 3 of them together, but the other one.....he's a cop.

      LOL....you ain't seen Sadie Mae when she "clicks".

  2. Boy dog?,,,Her? Im confused,,
    Taking a drive with Sadie Mae sounds perfect.

  3. Her, Sadie Mae is not a boy dog. Boy dogs do stuff. Sadie Mae don't.

    Go'n for a ride is her favorite thing to do.....other than chas'n cats. Probably a toss up.

  4. She pretty good at chasing rabbits too.

  5. Sadie Mae ain't no dog! She's your sweetie! I seen her sitting on your lap at the campfire when all them other dogs running around doing doggie things. She just looks at them with distain and cuddles up tighter to you!

    Got a nice pic of her doing just that when we visited with you out at the Slabs.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Why would Sadie-Mae fetch a stick when she has YOU to fetch it for her? ;-) My dog Cali is the same - she won't chase balls or sticks, but heaven help the cat that comes into her view...