Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog'n clouds

Boy howdy, what direction we gonna go this morn'n? Blog writ'n ain't as easy as some think ya know. There lots of think'n ya gotta do in order to make a good blog post. Sometimes ya just don't quite make it. This morn'n is one them days where my mind is go'n in all different directions.

Yesterday, I took the advice of a faithful follower and took the day off to rest my weary bones. Ya all know how hard the old Billy Bob has been work'n rip'n out all the carpet in "da house", replac'n rotted wood and install'n all new hard surface wood flooring. Some of ya may have the impression that my boys have done all this work, but let me tell ya right now, it were Billy Bob what got 'er done through careful plan'n and supervision (God knows those boys need plenty that). Well the flooring is almost done but not quite.

Anyways, I got me up bout 4 days of much needed nap time yesterday and never once picked up a hammer or fired up a table saw. I just laid back and enjoyed what rest I could muster in one day. This is a holiday weekend ya know.

I ain't made no plans for what I'm gonna do today, but I can betcha I'm gonna do something. One of my favorite activities is to sit around sip'n a cup, think'n an' "do'n nuttin". But when I got myself a project to keep me busy, I'm in hog heaven. And with the boys close by, I can think of lots of projects to keep them busy and  out of trouble. I got me some pretty good boys ya know. If they would just listen to their daddy an' do things his way. Little do they know that this may be their last chance to work along side their daddy for another 7 years or so. "Sally da house" should be in tip top shape when I head 'em up back to Texas long bout August or there a bouts.

Speak'n of Texas, talked to "pesky neighbor" Wayne over in Deming yesterday night. He do'n good. Says he lost a bunch of weight, but I got to see that with my own two eyes. Tells me my old park'n space is still vacant and wait'n for me to come visit. Boy howdy, just to sit on "da porch" sip'n up a cup just one more time sure do sound good. If'n ya remember, old Billy Bob builded that "da porch" way back in November of 2005. It withstood the high winds of the desert, torrential rainfalls, blow'n snows and served as a workshop for many projects. Yup, love my "da porch". If I ever get a chance to build another, it will be exactly like "da porch".....maybe a little bigger. 

Ok......things to do. Check back laters to see if'n I lied to ya.

Just had to come back to prove I ain' no li'yer. Got the bedroom flooring finished as far as I can go till we inspect the bedroom slide out. I think I talked bout this once before that it's also too low.....will drag on the new flooring.  No rotted wood has been found, so there is another problem hidden up under the bed somewheres. Rats.....we probably have to sleep on the couch for a few nights.


  1. Sure glad to hear the Wayne is dong good and that you are going to have an almost like new Sally da Houae to ride around in. Still a fix'n on mine.

  2. Great news about Wayne,,,And i'm sure he'd love your company.
    I take a day of rest sometimes,,only it usually turns into 2 or 3...lol. But who cares?