Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trip to Port Aransas

Did I mention I was gonna make a trip to Port Aransas yesterday? Well, I did. What I was dreading, turned out to be a pleasant afternoon. LOL....did I say pleasant? Oh hell, it was a good afternoon.

I crank up "that jeep", open the gate, and away we go....me and my trusty guard dog Sadie Mae. What the hell.....where your coffee cup Billy Bob. Grrrrrr......sit'n on the counter where I left it. Turns on the dash air and "holy cows", it get'n too cold in here. Is it fixed??? Picked up my mail at my mail git'n place in Port A. Make a cruise round town, stop at San Juan's Mexican Restaurant for a delicious lunch, an' on down to the beach and the south jetty. Don't know what a jetty is??? Google is your friend.

This are a jetty.....big ol' granite rocks....bout a hunnert year old.
This are a ocean barge an' tow boat....
That big bird is a brown pelican. See, I ain't so dumb....know stuff like that.

How bout a Texas size truck..........big ol' thang ain't it? 
On the return trip, I decided to check out some secret fish'n holes. Ok, where the hell are the photos? This is it folks.....don't wanna wear out a brand new camera do we? Grrrrrr I hate it when I forget to take pics. Bet ya a quarter there fish in there. I seem 'em chas'n bait fish right out there where the water change color and depth. Did I wade out there? Well no. I just sit there and watched....relaxed.

Ok, so we are headed down the highway again.....air cond go'n full bore. Feels kind of warm in here don't ya think? Oh hell, my freon must be leak'n out. We was almost back to "Sally da house" when Sadie Mae says...."would ya mind roll'n up this window back here"? What I did.....think'n what the hell is the back window open for? A/C work'n good now.....yeee ha. Won't know for a while if'n my patch job is gonna work or not.

Made the decision to wait a few more days before I pack 'em up to Georgia. Ya see, I was watch'n the weather forecast. Severe weather in the mid west. HUH?....I ain't go'n to the mid west, I'm go'n to Georgia. Probably catch up to that weather somewhere's bout Louisiana. Then I have to pull off'n the road in some alligator infested swamp. I ain't in no hurry to leave anyhows. I'm retired.....right?

Speak'n of alligator infested swamps....."what way are ya gonna go to Georgia Billy Bob"? I guess to avoid go'n through Houston, I'll just head on up to Shreveport and get on I-20 go'n east. But then again, I've been knowed to change my mind. Ain't no big deal, it's still gonna be a 5 or 10 day trip no matter what way I go. Spend a night here an' there.....gonna be a good trip.  

Been hav'n more of them hip problems. I say hip 'cause it's connected to my back and since my back is messed up, it makes my hip hurt. Something ya never get used to.....pain ya know. Seem like every time I climb up there on the roof, I end up in pain.....no matter how careful I am. NOTE: Yes I was on the roof MsB. Had to route the wire for my "free" antenna ya know.....what seems to be work'n pretty good for a freebie. Sure wisht I had one like the OFM Barney has got. He over there on the right if'n ya wanna check him out. 

Speak'n of over there on the right, there some purty good read'n over there. Check 'em out. Only take a couple hours if'n ya read 'em all. I do....every day. That why I never get any work done.

Ok.....off to work. Got things to do ya know. Laters.


  1. Glad you had a good day and that the Jeeps AC worked well. You do know how to fix things. Always enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Did you have any of those japaleno peppers with your lunch?

  3. Well, well I will be so glad to see you. It will not be soon enough. i am surprised that you taught saddie mae how to roll down the windows. But i am glad that the a/c is working. Robert informed me that we have to take the bus apart and fix the hozzie thing that slids in and out. well i have to get back to work

  4. Hi Billy Bob,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Port Aransas to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!