Monday, May 14, 2012

X's Texas

Travel location...Monroe, La.

What a title for a blog post huh? What do ya think I was think'n when I came up with that?

You may want to go back to yesterdays post to read the update from 12:30am.....AM???? Didn't ya mean PM? Yeah I did....Bob from Athens reminded me that. 

I always find a twinge of disflavor when I cross the border into another state. Kind of like leav'n a best friend behind to watch over the place....but not really trusting he will keep a watchful eye. I'm half ways across Louisiana this morning. Been here since yesterday afternoon but was to lazy to make an update of my new location.

You can tell when you turn onto an interstate.....traffic and no flowers.

Home is where ya park it
After traveling right at 280 miles yesterday, it was time for a rest. And what better place for a rest then a State Rest area. Since there is only one rest area across La. on I-20, I chose this one to kick back, take a short nap, walk the dog and spend the night.

Sadie Mae says "what's that...is that a cat"??

Today's plan is to just cruise down the road a piece and look at all the beautiful scenery. "Look out Billy Bob, ya almost hit that car".  I did that a couple times in my life "winder gawk'n", rubber neck'n or what ever ya want to call it, instead of watch'n the road. Don't take a split second an' you in a ditch somewheres. But I'm very careful....only gawk for half a split second.

Well it's bout that time to head on down the road a piece. If every thing go as planned, I will be in Alabama later on this afternoon. Gonna bypass Mississippi altogether. Shoot right through there lickity split like it ain't even there. Hunnert mile a hour.

Look for updates....
 2PM.....got it right this time I betcha. Or close anyhows......but does it really matter???

Already half ways across Mississippi, but then, Mississippi ain't near as big as Texas.
Pretty much decided to go on for another 120 mile or so. Rest area over there in Alabama has me a space reserved. Ya gotta call ahead ya know. 

This is a freak'n Interstate highway. Fix the damn pot holes and them bumps. Have ya ever notice when ya cross a bridge on the highway, you're gonna hit a bump or uneven pavement. Go'n over them bridges and stuff ain't so bad in a smooth riding car, but when you're driv'n a house it's like "Oh my God, I'm gonna blow a tire....run off'n the road in that big ol' ditch over there". Scare hell out me sometime.

Ok, so there's this pick up truck pull'n a trailer full of gravel down the interstate. Speed limit is 55 and that what everbody do'n. Pick up truck decides to stop. Whoa boy howdy did he grab some attention right fast. There was tires squeel'n, white smoke everywheres an' that big ol' 18 wheeler is right behind me. He takes to the center median....probably pretty pissed.....miss'n me too close to call from where I was sit'n. Sure were glad to see that pick up truck take the next exit.

Oh, before I forget....another 45 minutes wasted look'n for a gas station this morning.

See ya down the road a piece........
5:15....final update for the day.
Location......somewheres in Alabama
That didn't take as long as I figgered. Ended up only go'n over my daily driving allowance by 1 hour and drove a total of 280 miles. Not bad for an old fart like me HUH??? A little over 800 total trip miles in 3 days? "That's too much Billy Bob....slow down, relax, take it easy".


  1. Appreciate the map, lets me know where we are,,

  2. OOOH that Sadie sure knows how to look cute.

    1. I had to tease her into that look...."over there....a cat". Works every time.

      Really a nice trip so far. Beautiful cool weather.

  3. Right after you cross the Mississippi River there is a RV park owned by a casino. The rent is very low and it is a really nice park. If you want to gamble there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the river boat. We stayed there last on our way back from Pennsylvania. I am sure I posted a blog from there.

    1. Jesus Dizzy, I done pass the Mississippi River a hunnert mile ago. What little change ($$$) I got, I gonna hang on to it. I ain't no gambler, but I do like tak'n a few chances now an' then.

  4. Sounds like the trip is going smooth so far! That's a good thing, right?

    Safe travels, my friend!

  5. Thanks Jim, couldn't ask for better travel conditions. Nice and cool this morning.

  6. I will be making that run at the end of July. I bet it will not be cool then. RATZZZZ

  7. Enjoying your trip across the country, and wishing we were travelling with ya!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard