Monday, May 28, 2012

Tinker'n with stuff

"Holy crap Billy Bob, why you yell'n an' cuss'n like that"??? Well shoot, you would yell an' cuss like that too if'n you waked up to leg cramps. 6:30am, that what time it were, when I comes fly'n out that bed with a cramp in both my legs. Boy howdy....that all I can say bout that.

Brewed me up a pot of coffee an' got to think'n.....what if? I been tote'n this sheet of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) around for the last 5 years contiplat'n on install'n it behind the stove to make household chores a little easier. Broke out the measure tape and start cut'n. Fit pretty darn good until I notice it don't fit. What the hell??? The counter top ain't straight. It got a bend in it....bout 3/8 inches. I see what happened....when they super glued this thing together 8 years ago, they glued the counter top in crooked. Gonna take some fandangl'n to fix that. But....I got me a idea. More on that later. In the mean time, I better do some dishes what are in the way.

The fortunes of war. I been think'n bout how fortunate my family an' me has been. My dad and uncle were in WWII. Both came home without a scratch. Had an uncle on my mothers side came home from Korea without a scratch....but ya light off a firecracker and he go berserk....spelled bizerk in my book. Son Ronny survived a tour of duty during to Kuwait fiasco without a scratch. I survived the Cuban blockade and the Viet Nam conflict without a scratch.....although I did catch alcohol poisoning and food poisoning one time while stationed on the USS Canberra.
To all those that lost their lives in all the wars and conflicts, past and present, the old Billy Bob stands to attention this Memorial Day. Thanks for your contribution to a strong America and the freedoms I have today.

Ok, my camp'n son Robert and family is back from a wonderful camping trip to the north Georgia mountains. Sure are glad I didn't go. He only camps for a couple days and is ready to come home. The boy don't "no nuttin" bout camping.....Sheesh!!!!

 Oh yeah, before everbody get some kind of fool idea that Billy Bob don't do nuttin, yesterday I took a cabinet plumb apart and "fix" it. It was out of square, door bout to fall off, just plain in need of some TLC attention. Got it all put back together with a few new pieces of wood and some bigger an' better screws. Save me bout a hunnert dollars....yeah it did.


  1. Hurry up and get all your projects done, I got a bunch of them you could do for me. While you are doing my projects I could take off in the RV till you get them done. Now that sounds like a plan to me. . .

  2. Thank you for your service Mr BillyBob.

    And I read online once that a way to get rid of those leg cramps at night is to eat a blob of plain ol' mustard. I woke up with a cramp one night and hobbled to the frig and squirted a little mustard on my tongue, hobbled back to bed and within 3-5 minutes that cramp was gone...Kapoof...just like that.!! (try it see if it don't do the trick) Some folks keep a fast food mustard packet on the nightstand for cramps.

    Good fixins on Sally da' house.!