Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Belongs in a dumpster post

Not too sure why I am here, but here I am. I done sit down a hunnert time to update my blog an' ever time I do it, I end up throw'n it in the dumpster.
"Today Billy Bob, I'll break yer arm if'n ya even think bout throw'n this in the dumpster".

One update I ain't even thought about is the freak'n water heater what was broke a couple month ago. That sucker is work'n like a brand spank'n new one. Ever time I walk past the switch thingy hang'n on the wall, I wonder if'n maybe the little red light burned out. It ain't never on.

What else have I been work'n on? Got the parts in for the (hopefully) repair on the "billy jeep". That was a stressful situation let me tell ya. Ya see, the parts was sent by USPS....ha, shouldn't have to say no more bout that. My parts was miss'n. Ya see, I done a USPS tracking on them parts an' they was delivered. HIL Harry says "they ain't here". So's I lose half a night sleep wonder'n how the hell I gonna find my parts. Now don't get me wrong, I had a wild hair to put my shows on an' wrap a plastic bag over my head an' go out to the road an' check the mail box. Damn it were rain'n up a storm.
The next morn'n here come HIL Harry. In his hand he got this little package....the parts. Guess where the mail lady put the package. You guess it....in the mailbox. "Damn Harry....mail goes in the mailbox".

Nope, parts are still lay'n on the desktop. "Robert, where are the car ramps"? They ain't here. There ain't no ways in hell anybody gonna get under the "billy jeep" without a set of ramps. The starter needs pulled to get to an' replace the crankcase position sensor located behind the starter. While we're at it, we gonna change the camshaft position sensor too....whether it needs it or not. These two items are what has replaced the distributor....the thingy with the wires go'n to the spark plugs. There are no spark plug wires on the "billy jeep". If there are, I sure as hell cain't find 'em.
Anyhows, "billy jeep" is still mess up an' won't run right.

Yesterday grandson Tim bringed my couch back for me to attempt to repair an' reinstall back in "da house". Holy cows, you shoud see what a underage big ass puppy can do to a couch. I got foam rubber to replace. Locate some vinyl with as close a match as I can an' build me some new upholstery for the sit down part. I still have "yo mama's" sew machine for that job. Can the old Billy Bob do it? We'll see.

Health issues are still bout the same. Git sick for a week an' feel pretty good for a week. I'm back on the stomach medication what causes constipation, but what the hell....I got laxatives. Although....I am only tak'n 1 a day instead of 4 a day. I experiment ya know. Think'n I can increase to 2 a day....no constipation.

Dad gum feet is swelled up again. Been like this for a freak'n week. I did some research. "Git off'n yer ass Billy Bob, too much sit'n causes feet to swell". Doctors ask me all the time...."how much time do you spend on your feet a day"? My answer has been "one hour". That's bout the best I can do without a ton of back pain an' pass'n out from "I cain't breath". Damn smokes!!! Yes I'm back to a pac a day. Shit sucks.

Tomorrow I get my SI back ablation....kill that nerve. I'm think'n I may also need to do it again for the F5 nerve. Nerves come back ya know after kill'n 'em. That also sucks. 

It's get'n closer to "I gotta be in Texas". That causes more stress an' God I hate stress. Ya see, my driver license expires this year an' I gotta get me another one. "Sally da house" has got to get a safety inspection....as does the "billy jeep". There is NO LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Total darkness.....what the hell am I gonna do?

 I bout had it with this damn cat. He has a cat attitude....an' I mean attitude. I was hope'n he would be a 'inside/outside' cat, but he ain't. He's a 'outside/outside/outside/inside' cat. Inside only for a bite to eat an' sleep at night. Then back outside as soon as I open the door. Damn cat!!!

I done everthing I can think of, plus what I found on the internet, to fix this computer. After upgrading to Win 10 an' downgrad'n back to Win 8.1, it still locks up for some unknown reason. My last attempt will be to restore back to day 1 an' see if'n that will fix it. Computers didn't used to do this shit until Bill Gates says...."hey, let's try this an' see what happens". My computer never done this until I upgraded to Win 10. HUGE mistake. By the way, there are millions of others that have this same problem....with no known cures. Microsoft refuses to discuss it with a cure.

Ok, I'm done for this dumpster post. Sure do wished I had some excit'n news to share with ya, but there ain't none.


  1. ...but it is still good to hear form you.

  2. What would happen if you set the cat's food bowl outside, and didn't let him in to sleep at night. He'd find a place to sleep. He sounds pretty much like a free-loader to me.

  3. See you DID find something to write about. And it was interesting. I just skip over the whoosits that goes into the whatsit since I don't understand that stuff. Still it is good hearing from you!

  4. It's "excit'n news" just to know you are up and at it when able. I'm crawling today - literally.

  5. Great to finally have an update from ya, any news is better than no news.
    See you do have things to keep ya busy.

  6. Glad you finally decided to post a blog. I was getting worried that you may have run off with some hoochie coochie gal. (grin) Better wait awhile to come back to Texas. Weather isn't the best right now, although we did have a lot of really great weather. . . but all good things must come to an end.

  7. hi BB. i am glad to see you are still alive and kicking . at least i am happy to know that that billy jeep troubles is not my fault in any ways , i felt so guilty for years about all the problems you went thru with that dam jeep . now about that dam unappreciating , disrespectful , free- loading , cat . if a cat treated my like that ! i would have to take some measures . now about texas , when will your billy jeep and sally be ready ? so that i know when to come and get you and drive you back here in good old texas ? take care .

  8. hi BB. the grey hound bus fare is $200 one way from harlingen tx to atlanta Ga .
    now if you book the ticket ( on-line ) and ( at least 2 weeks in advance ) and leaving on a ( monday , tueday , wednesday or thursday ) the one way fare would cost only $101 . ok think about it and let me know , take care .

  9. hi BB. also i want you to know that i would never ever think about kid-napping you to mexico ! so do not worry about it . lol .

  10. Just hearing from you is enough excitement in my life right now. I got that nasty flu this year that makes you cough until you can't breathe and start thinking about that thing where they cut a hole in your throat. Last night was the first time since Feb 11th I didn't wake up coughing. I think I'm going to live. Glad to hear you are too.

  11. good to read yer blog post bb. glad you almost ok. keep chugging along.

  12. I know i dont post much any more, but i do comment on others...So nothing from you had me concerned,veryyyy glad to hear from you. BTW, my cat is the same. But hes old, about 11 years, i think.
    If you make it back here, will you have to go back to GA? Just asking.

  13. March 9, 2016
    Hi BB
    I have some thing for you to think about. I had trouble with my water heater and am waiting for a replacement control board. But I have hot water from a hot stick, goes in the drain port. Thermostat is placed inside on top of the tank. And will plug into a receptacle or can be connected to a circuit breaker.


  14. hi BB. hey i forgot to tell you about the crime spree marco rubio went on when he was young . he got caught at H E B in the express line that said 15 items or less and he had 16 items , then he got caught with 2 of those very same items ( chips and dip ) well he was caught double dipping his chip in the chip dip . and the very worst ih that he can not be trusted because he is a big liar . he went fishing with some friends and came back telling about the 14 pound bass that he caught , one of his friends took a picture of that fish and weighed it , it turns out the bass fish was 1 pound and approx. 9 inchs long . so BB. tell me how can you trust a guy like that to be you next president ?

  15. hi BB. i was at the american legion the other day because as you know i am a american so where do you think a american should go to drink ! so anyway at the bar was a big sign that said : we will cash your checks IF : you can show proof that you are over 75 years old and accompanied by your mother and father , and have a pilots licence . so i ended up having to pay cash $$$$$$$

  16. hi BB. i became american 17 months ago ted cruz became american 16 months ago i am an american i month before him . he is canadian and does not qualify to be president but if he is over 18 years old and is borned in canada ( calgary alberta canada ) is where he was borned and if he moves back to canada for 14 years then he will qualify to be prime minister of canada , and not president of u.s.a. why is he still running when the constitution say he must be borned in usa

    1. You don't have to be born in USA if your parent(s) are USA citizens. My birth certificate is filed with the Department of State and says I am a child born abroad of USA parent(s). I was born at Gitmo when my Dad was stationed there in the Navy. Ted Cruz's mother is a USA citizen which is what makes him eligible. Just think I could be president! :)