Friday, March 11, 2016

Update on Update....yeee haa

Ok, I'm gonna make a short update to what's go'n on.

First an' most important.....I ain't got that damn pain in my right hip no more. Well, I know it's there 'cause I can feel  this tiny little irritation back there. So let me tell ya how this came to be. The radio frequency ablation was performed by the "other" doctor....an' boy howdy let me tell ya, it was soooo much different than my usual doctor when he did the 3 RFAs on the lower back.

The little sedative installer nurse girl ask me if'n I'm relaxed yet. I says no. She put some more that knock ya out stuff in there. I'm relaxed gooood. The doc jabs this needle thingy in the SI. "Do ya feel that"? Well yeah I feel that, but it don't hurt....proceed. I feel a zap zap zap as he does his thing. Then zap zap zap, I feel it again. Hmmmm, did he kill more than one nerve....I got 2 holes in my back. The nice nurse helps me back to the recovery room hold'n me up with 2 arms. Damn, I cain't walk worth a crap.....an' I'm happy.

Robert helps me to the truck an' we headed down the road. Then he helps me into Arbies for a ruban sammich. Just seen it on the TV an' had to try it. That will be the last ruban I try at Arbies.

I don't feel no pain at Arbies or on the way home. But shoot, I'm still sedated. Back at "da house", I takes me a short nap. I wake up to NO PAIN. That evening the only pain I had was from the puncture wounds where the tubes was inserted. Today, that pain has gone away. I would rekon I'm right at bout 80 to 89% pain free back there. See how long this lasts.

Now bout that "billy jeep". I decided when we returned from the doctor....I'm gonna start up the engine. Ha, that sucker fire right up no problem. Turn it on an' off bout 10 times.....no problems. Damn, is it fixed?

Then yesterday I cranks it up again. It don't start up....DAMN!!! I reset the computer to clear the codes an' TRY to crank 'er up again. It don't start.....got the same code again. This means I'll be work'n on a "billy jeep" replacing the crankcase position sensor. It's not a easy job....put it up on ramps, remove the starter an' hope to hell the sensor comes out with no problem. Will let ya know after I get up enough gumption to crawl up under that thing.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout this Dell computer lock'n up? Well I got me so freak'n stressed I decided I would restore it back to day one. I hit the clickity click buttons an' it says "DO NOT turn off your computer. For two hours I watch as the percentage thingy goes up....10%, 20%, 40%, 60%....damn, this is slow. I stop watch'n it. Then a hour later I look again. The damn computer has locked up at 80% complete. Did a cold start an' now I ain't got nuttin. Think'n dumpster. Oh wait, here's another option to reset back to day one from backup. I don't do backups, but maybe theres one on the computer. Yeeee Haaaa, there is. I hit that reset button. A fan is placed behind the computer just in case the lock up is from a over heat problem. A hour later I have me a computer again. Will it still lock up? Won't know until I remove the fan. Did you know that this is the first computer I ever own that does NOT have a cooling fan?

Ok, that's all ya git at this time....I got things to do.

Oh my God, you never gonna believe what happen.
Ya see, I was sit'n here think'n bout the chore of climb'n up under the "billy jeep". I hears a car pull up in the driveway. It was my wonderful grandson Tim. "Hey Tim, have ya ever pull a starter before"? I guess you know what happen from that point on. Tim crawl up under there, pull the starter an' removed the sensor. Installed the new sensor an' put the starter back in. With crossed fingers an' toes, I cranks up the "billy jeep". Fire right up....go a hunnert mile a hour I betcha. 


  1. Glad you got some relief from your back even though it wasn't complete relief. Also glad that you got your computer working. I guess the jeep will take a little longer.

  2. Yeah! Being pain free for even just a little while helps with everything.

  3. The RFA I had didn't do anything,,,Im asking them to talk it over and decide WHAT is my problem,,, the hip or spine? DO SOMETHING,,, lol
    My computer is so slow, I did a refresh firefox, supposed to help. HA,,, lost all my bookmarks. Having to add back the ones I have to have, like my bill paying places, daily places, etc. I have most of them written down with the pw, but have to put them back on the pc. And, guess what,, still SLOW.

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    1. hi BB. so when do you want me to come drive you back to texas ? so did you not like any of my jokes ? where is you sense of humor ? especially about marcos rubio telling the biggest lie on earth that he caught a 14 pound bass fish ! so how can you trust a big liar like that ?

  5. hi BB. have you ever caught a 14 pound bass fish ? does a 14 pound bass even exist ?

  6. Runnung in a rush and skimming this post; thus you made me laugh so hard reading this " Damn, I cain't walk worth a crap.....an' I'm happy." I pictured you and your nurse 'Carrier'. Way to go BB; there's got to be some fun time in life, Right? hahaha

    How very kind of Louie, his offer to come fetch you. Do it! Least you will get to Texas, as desired/needed. Louie likes you as we all do. My feeling is Louie would give another the shirt off his back.

  7. Good news, good news, and good news. How did you pull that off?

  8. No pain gotta love it !
    Soon you be driving that motorhome back to Texas I betcha.

  9. bb, i am sooo pleased for you and your better back you is like a new man. you'll be clicking your heels soon. mebbe even head down the yellow brick road to texas.

  10. hi BB, ,did you see how unlawful and violent the opposition of donald trump are in the chicago trump rally ? usa citizens have a first amendment right to assemble and have free speach . the democrats do not respect the usa constitution , what is the supreme law of the entire usa country . when i became a usa citizen i swore allegiance to the flag and to obey and defend the usa constitution ,i am totally ready to do so . ( unbelievable ) . i am sorry about talking about that but i am so mad i could not help myself .

  11. Good to hear your back is feeling better. Now fix up a Billy Bob Cherry Cake to celebrate. Can you hear Lake Amistad calling.

  12. Hermit's Baby Sis Texas AnnMarch 14, 2016 at 7:39 AM

    Yee-haw and Boy Howdy! Good news, Billy Bob! For both the jeep and your back. Much as we'd like you back home in Texas, it's nice to have family around to do stuff like pulling parts, huh? Take your time and make up your own mind ~ Glad to hear of the bye-bye on the pain ...