Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bulldozers an' cat puppies

Holy crap....what do I do today????

Been sit'n here for over a hour or so an' I ain't got nuttin on my mind worth writ'n bout. In fact, I don't even want to think bout it.

My secret weapon for yesterdays golf'n game didn't work out too good. Instead of go'n over trees, I was hit'n them dead center, bounc'n off'n limbs an' then end'n up with no next shot. Secret weapons suck.

I did a lower back exercise the other night. I shouldn't have done that. Now I feel like that neighbor what bought that bulldozer fired it up an' run slap over me. Bulldozers suck.

I should have already been to Port Aransas this morn'n. But.....I ain't. I ain't mak'n no more plans in advance. Advance plans suck. Oh to hell with it, this morn'n everything sucks. An' only 'cause of one thing....that damn neighbor an' his freak'n bulldozer. Sheesh, you would think he would look where he's driv'n that thing. My back feels terrible this morn'n.

Ok.....how the hell do ya get cats out of a motorhome?? That mama cat done find a place up under "da house" where no human being can get to...and she had cat puppies in there. I sat some cat food  up under there last night, left overs from supper, so's she would come out. Think'n them kittins are bout a week old now. Time for her to move 'em so's she don't have to listen to me stomp'n on the floor. Stomp'n on the floor is the only thing I come up with that would make her move. Hope it works.

Gonna cut it shot....got things to do ya know. Laters  


  1. Mama cat would hate to move now - she has the place all fixed up for her family, curtains hung, rugs on the floor, etc.

    1. LOL....No Gypsy, the cat is up under "da house"....not inside.

  2. Please call your local animal shelter and they should be able to rescue the mother cat and her kittens.

  3. The cat puppies will go away soon enough.
    don't make too many plans cause they keep changing like ours.

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  6. Where are those little ones peeing and pooping? eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww