Friday, April 25, 2014

Down to one....cats that is

Boy howdy was them cats active an' all yesterday. Climb all over the old Billy Bob an' Sadie Mae.

I run out of milk. Hmmmmm, do baby cats drink water? Ha you bet they drink water, an' them suckers like Vienna sausage too.

Ok, I'm down to one cat puppy this morn'n. Mama cat showed up this morn'n, probly for something to eat. When she see the babies, she go haywire...."gimme my cats". I give her the pretty little orange one an' off she go with it in her mouth. Hmmmmm....hope to hell she don't eat it.

So what do ya do when ya ain't got nuttin to do? Well shoot, that's simple...ya go play a round of golf. Maybe I ain't got many that approve of me swak'n golf balls, but that's what I like to do. Golf is kind of like tacos. Some people like 'em an' some don't. ILT!!!! (I like tacos, in case ya didn't know).

Sit'n here look'n out the winders, this is gonna be a perfect day. Well it would be nice to see a little breeze out there to cool me an' Barney down while we are sweat'n our tails off at the golf course.....look'n for our golf'n balls in the woods.

I rekon it's finally summer time in south Texas.....accord'n to the weather thingy. Says we gonna hit 100 degs Sunday an' be sizzl'n hot for bout 4 days. Damn, what I gonna do for those four days? "Sheesh Billy Bob, think. You got air conditioning".

I sure am gonna be happy once I get out of south Texas for a spell. With the hot weather show'n up like it always does, I need a cooler location to "sit on my ass", just like I do here in south Texas. I mentioned what "sit'n on your ass" can do to ya in another post not long ago, so there ain't gonna be no discussion on that this morn'n. You do know.....right? Ya get freak'n lazy....an' then ya cry an' whine from the time ya get up till the time ya go to bed. Excit'n huh?

Have ya ever been somewheres where ya don't feel welcome no more? There are places like that ya know. Git them 'looks'....like...."you still here"? Now in some cases, I see their point. I get all frustrated an' grouchy once in a while.....like maybe oncest or twicest a day. You know what I'm talk'n bout.....it's way past time to go.

Do I worry bout "Sally da house" onest I hit the road? Well yeah I do. Having decided to wait till I get to Georgia to fix that battery control center, I'm gonna stress out bout it all the way.....for 4 or 5 days......in the gruel'n heat of the Interstate highways....sweat run'n down my face. Ok, we not gonna talk bout that this morn'n. I got enough to worry bout over today's golf'n game. "My ball Barney, did ya see where my ball went"???

Ok....that's bout it for the day. Laters. 


  1. Who doesn't approve? ! NO one has the right to disapprove of your choices to live the way you please. Go BB, do what YOU wanna do and have all the fun you can find - life is too short to waste even moments.

    Good to hear Mama Cat is reclaiming her lil chilins. I bet she has been very worried these past few days. Hope Sadie Mae takes special care of the lone kitten while you are out and about swakin' and eatin'. BTW, Mama Cats DON'T eat their young; you know that, though.

    100 deg. in April doesn't bode well in regard to what the future days will bring. It gets hot here too but I thank my stars I'm not sweltering yet ...bout died of suffocation two summers ago and it weren't no 100 deg. either.

    Ah, tacos is my "favor-ITEST" food. Haven't had any 'in a coon's age'.

  2. Why did you give her the orange one, it was the cutest!!!

    Having always had male cats except for the last one that was a full grown cat when mother's neighbors abandoned her...remember Bonnie Blue (as in Gone With the Wind)...I do not know much about female felines.

    Having said that I remember my best friend's cat had 7 kittens in her daughter's closet and she killed 5 of them. Both of her daughters cried for days and we were all shocked that a mother cat would do that to her young ones.

  3. They don't do that unless there's something wrong with the babies.

  4. You busy doing stuff, and mama cat be back tomorrow for her other baby.
    Get on the road soon.