Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ha ha....ain't got no cats

All bets are off.

Yes, I did have thoughts of keep'n the little calico cat. But then I got to think'n. Cat poop (clean'n poop litter pan). Scratches an' bites (holes an' bandaides). Can't find the little bastard (It's check out time, where my cat). Calico cats grow up to be mean an' ugly cats.

Ok, why do I say that? I used to have a calico cat....bout 3 or 6 months old. Almost as mean an' feisty as a freak'n orange cat. Had one of them too. The "cute" little thing, the calico, would climb up my arm, nails bared an' leave a trail of scratch marks, blood an' holes in my arms. He would hide...in wait for me to pass by. Then shoot out an' grab holt to my ankle....bite the hell out me (holes an' blood). Then he turned on my first born son Robert. That was it....that cat had to go.

I was sit'n here last night. I look out the winder. Well I want you lookie here, it's mama cat. I says "kitty kitty" an' here she come....asked me where her other baby was at. Well, by now, you know the reeeeesst of the story....Billy Bob ain't got no cats. Damn I'm gonna miss that cat....NOT. Well maybe.

As much as I hate to mention "my back", let me tell ya. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm sit'n on bout a 4 or 5. That maybe don't mean much to y'all, but it means a whole bunch to me. I've been a solid month of 7's an' 8's.....with a occasional "let's have a baby". This is a relief.

Last night nephew Joseph an' Frank went fish'n. I sure would have liked to go.....but, these two boys "no nuttin" bout fish'n. Deep sea fish'n poles with 60 pound fish'n string. It was dark an' all they had was a little flashlight an' a Bic lighter. You cain't catch no fish like that.....sheesh!!! Anyhows, I waited up for 'em last night to check out their catch. They pull in bout 2:30am with one stink'n fish....a 2 pounds gafftop. That's a salt water cat fish if'n ya didn't know. Good eat'n too.

Boy howdy....I'm tempted. I pull up the weather thingy last night. For Monday, 90 degs at 1pm, partly cloudy with a 9 mile a hour wind out of the north. I'm think'n if'n I was to start a round of golf ball swak'n right bout 9:30, I could handle that. ILT (I like tacos) an' ILG (I like golf). I'll do me some think'n on this.

Ya know don't ya, that it's almost summer time in south Texas. Still a long ways from the high 90's an' lower 100's, but damn, it's get'n hot. Sure do wish I was sit'n at "Yo Mama's RV Resort" over there in Georgia. It's been a while since I camped there. Free food ever once in a while. Mexican food.....homemade tortillas. Yum yum eat 'em up.

I missed your yesterdays comment Wayne. Went back an' readed it. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout, you think just like the old Billy Bob. You da man. 



  1. Hope you and Sadie May don't miss that cat too much (grin). Go fishing BB, it solves a lot of problems and ailments. You can't think about anything else when you is a fight'n a big ole fish.

  2. daddy, pack up... come on... getty up...that's what I'm talking about. if you have time to play golf then you have time for packing. Ok. said enough... glad that your sounding better , hope you can stay the way for awhile longer. Ok love you later.

    Hey you can call me... that's a hint...

  3. Congratulations on your pain level...I definitively know what it is like to live with back pain :-(

    Have a good round of golf tomorrow.

  4. "Let's have a baby" back pain - I had to laugh out loud. You sure are a funny guy, Billy Bob. I enjoy reading your every day, and wish you good golfin' wherever you land!

  5. Poor little Sadie, doomed to be lonely and inactive. Darn, Billy Bob, I've lost a fortune! Not going to bet ever again.