Friday, April 4, 2014

Swelled feet again

Well folks, here it is another day....or should I say another week burned up? Today is Friday just in case you didn't know. I didn't.

All them high winds an' stuff we was supposed to have yesterday, didn't show up until bout 4am this morn'n. An' yes it blowed in like a storm. This morn'n we have a sky full of sunshine, a nice warm day.....an' hunnert mile a hour winds out of the north. Bout 25mph I would say. I can live with that.

I'm gonna take a minute to talk bout blogs this morn'n. Does anybody remember a few years back....before blogs? We had chat rooms we could go to an' express our every day lives. Then along came forums...there's still a few of them around. Chat rooms an' forums are bout all gone now. Then blogs took over. But.....in the last year or so, even blogs are on the decline. Some blogs I read (red not reed) every day are no longer updated. Some not in over a year. Blog followers have also taken a huge decline. So where have all these people gone??? No, I ain't talk'n bout MY blog. I understand why MY blog is on a decline, but it's the other blogs I'm talk'n bout, the ones I used to read (reed....not red).

Ok, we done with that.

Yesterday morn'n I got up an' the first thing I do is check my feet. Remember they was swolled up the night before? Well they looked Ok....swell'n was gone. But then, bout 6 or 7pm last night they was all swolled up again. This morn'n, they almost Ok again with just a little swell'n in the left foot. This has happen in the past an' in a couple days I was just fine. *think'n, what the hell did I eat this time*
Well, the only thing I can think of, the other afternoon (Wednesday after my trip to Walmart), I took me two aspirin (500mg) an' a couple hours later I took me a couple Advil liqui-gels....my back was hurt'n something terrible. My back quit hurt'n, but a little later was when I notice the swell'n of my feet. That's the only thing I can think of. Why they swelled up last night, I don't know.

Some of the comments yesterday kind of sorta got me a little bit excited bout the upcoming Ga. trip. My mind goes haywire when I sit here think'n all by myself....nobody to talk to. I get myself all grouchy an' piss off an' end up say'n stuff on the blog. I know, I shouldn't be say'n every thing that comes to my mind when I'm sit'n here think'n an' feel'n sorry for myself. But it sure does help to get it out of my system.

No new news bout them damn cats up under "da house". All I know is "they got to go" before I go. Would hate to be go'n down the road an' some State cop pull me over for litter'n the highways with cat puppies. There's got to be a way to get that mama cat to move her kittens.


  1. I think most discussions have gone to Facebook, which sure leaves me out. I still belong to a couple of forums and mailing lists, but miss a decent chat room. As far as the cats are concerned, maybe try a smoke bomb and smoke them out. Or is that too drastic, even for cats. The mama must be leaving her hide-out now and then to find something to eat and drink. I wish I could think of a humane way to get them out.

  2. I've been into e-mail lists for some time & they are slowing down... Facebook is my guess. Too bad really, I'm not a big fan of FB but I realize that things change.

  3. I'll never go to Facebook, but I'll stick to the blogs. I do know what you mean about many regulars quitting blogs altogether. Don't have a clue why, though.

  4. Quit feeding the cat, Billy Bob! It will be forced to leave and find another home. I'm a lousy advisor; having no success with my own invaders.

    I can't blog now; screwed-up computer apparently. Happened when I tried a downloading a different version of IE. Thought of going to WordPress and start again, yet no visitors do I get on my blog, so what would be the purpose? I know what you mean about no one to talk to; no fun a'tall, is it? Heck, I have more interaction with people in my dreams at night; maybe I should sleep more often, eh?
    My feet always swell after extended time walking on hard surfaces. A good soak in Epsom Salts brings much relief and getting rid of the tight banded socks probably is a smart idea. Old age sucks, doesn't it?

  5. We have noticed the same things about Blogs. Some people start off gung ho but really hard to write about something everyday, and they the keep putting it off and too overwhelming, so they don't bother.
    And if they don't get comments are discouraged. The other day only 4 comments but had over 800 pages views, so people are reading, just not commenting and thats ok.
    We do it too for our own diary so we can remember where we went.

  6. Cats hate ammonia. They will leave. But, if you inhale near it, you will most likely have lung congestion.