Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updated....Three little kittens.....in my shower

Point proven....again. Golf sucks.

Oh my God....cats. Ya see, it happen like this.....me an' Frank was sit'n here talk'n yesterday. The motorhome started shak'n....you know, like it does in a high wind storm. But the wind weren't blow'n. Investigat'n time, go find why "da house" don't sit still. Sadie Mae is got her head stuck in a hole....smaller than her head. She was stuck, an' I do mean stuck. But this morn'n she is free.

In the sewer connection compartment is three little cat puppies cry'n "mama, mama, mama...I'm hungry". Now I don't know bout cats in south Texas, but most places I been, mama cats have more than three kittens. I moved them from that compartment to my shower. They don't know how to eat.
"Put 'em in a box outside Billy Bob. Mama cat will find 'em an' move 'em to a new home". That's what I'm gonna do. Box???....where's a box?
Anyhows, I'm glad that three cats are no longer hide'n up under "da house".

IDC....ILT, I'm gonna talk bout golf. When I arrived at the golf ball swak'n place, I wasn't feel'n all too good. I pared the first hole....now I feel better. Three pars an' two birdies, I was feel'n like a hunnert dollar bill. But that didn't last long.....downhill from then on. I lost it on the 9th hole an' never recovered.

And I hurted by the time we finished up a very decent round for old folks on canes an' walkers. God, get'n old really sucks. Then we went to eat a bite. At Whataburger. Never gonna ever go there again. My samich look an' taste like it was cooked yesterday, or the day before, an' just throwed in a microwave for me. The bun was whole wheat. I hate whole wheat. God invented flour for a good reason....hamburger buns. But the chocolate malt was wonderful.

Back at "da house", I take me up two aspirin, an' lay myself down. That's when Frank show up for coffee an' talk a bit. That's also the time we found the kittens. So, no rest for the Billy Bob. This morn'n I feel like I been run over by that bulldozer my neighbor bought a while back....remember? 

My phone ringed. It was my son over in Georgia. He says...."Hey, when ya gonna get here"? I didn't have a good answer 'cause I got some things I got to get done before I can hit the road. Just little things, but they are important. Robert offered to come get me, do those little chores, but I ain't quite ready for that yet. Have ya ever see Robert drive a motorhome? My god, he scare hell out me.

Ya see, the weather in Georgia is much worst than the weather here in south Texas. Rain that is. I don't like rain. I know, I know, rain make grass grow. But then ya gotta spend a full day mow'n the dad burn lawn. Brown lawns are beautiful.

So.....today's agenda is to mess with them cats. I know they hungry, so I may try to feed 'em some milk.....by syringe. But don't turn me in to the FBI for hav'n a syringe....that's drug stuff ya know. I could go to jail an' then the cats would starve to death.....an' it would be all your fault for turn'n me in.

Ok...out of here. See ya tomorrow.

Oh wait, I'm back.......
Fount me a box for these damn cats....they so freak'n cute. But the box is a little too small. Not enough room for the mama cat to stretch out an' feed her babies. *bigger box in mind*
Here is the pic I took yesterday in the shower.....
An' here's a pic I took of 'em in the box......

I broke out that syringe an' I fed them cats. Not very much 'cause I don't know how much to give 'em. Yes a cow made the milk. I've raised many new born kittens on cow milk....they was all fine. Each kitten received 6 cc's......corrected to 6ml. One even chewed on the syringe....like a mama nipple.

Then along come Sadie Mae. First thing she do is reach in the box an' pick up a cat. Not one time, but bout 6 times. Not know'n what she would do with the kittens, I give her a talk'n to....."put that damn cat down...NOW". For the past hour, Sadie Mae is sit'n in front that box. What she think'n I don't know. Could it be "mama" instinct in her or is it the pit bull in her?  "Sadie Mae, get out that box". Crazy dog.

Now I got to Google how much to feed cats at a early age. Guess'n 4 to 5 weeks. 


  1. Aaaw,Billy Bob...take A picture of you feeding the kittens,O.K.?? Those grandkids would be impressed.All kids like kittens..Robert driving with you sounds like an awesome plan! Vada in Dublin,Tx.

  2. Glad the kittens ore out. Is the hole plugged up? Maybe those kittens are able to lap . Wish I was there to see them. Take a picture.

  3. Cow's milk is difficult for kittens to digest. The kittens may get diarrhea and die. You can buy kitten milk replacement at pet food stores and some feed stores. Maybe even Walmart. If they will lap, you can try mixing a little canned cat food with the kitten milk replacement. Otherwise use the syringe. Also, call your local cat rescues and see if someone has room for pre-wean kittens. They might bottle feed or latch them on to another mama cat.

  4. You first mentioned the noise under the RV on March 25th. Kittens on April 1st. That puts them at around 4.5 or 5 weeks and old enough to start weaning. That's how old they look as well. Mix a little cat food gravy or juices with whatever milk you use. Just a little, and only after you have them eating steadily out of the syringe. Over the next week, add more. Then try to get them to start lapping. After they get the lapping idea, start moving up to cat food and milk gruel. Once they get the eating idea, watch out!

    The kittens are adorable - pretty colors. Should friendly up quickly. A local rescue might take them and find them homes - they are easy adoptions.

  5. If ya want, I've got 5 little ones I can let you have to add on to the 3 that you got already! Boy howdy, wouldn't that be a sight?

  6. Those kittens are old enough to eat,,, for sure. Get some canned cat food or soft, and stick their nose in it,,, they WILL EAT. It's true that milk will give them diarrhea. They will drink too. Probably have to learn but they will do it. I started feeding babies at about 3 weeks old, to help the moms. I bred and sold siamese for about 20 years.

  7. cats,cats,cats. I have a big ol cat, 15lbs, you want him? just kitten...lol... good luck with your new found kittens. they want a big ol baked tater with lots of butter, salt-n-pepper. Ok love you later.

  8. "Brown lawns are beautiful."

    OMG....jajajajaja...I happen to think the same thing...too bad my mother doesn't :D

  9. Those cat puppies are precious! I "borrowed" their photo.

    Don't let Sadie Mae get too close to them, they might scratch her and she may retaliate. You have a good heart Billy Bob :-)

  10. Practical ParsimonyApril 23, 2014 at 3:45 AM

    I started feeding 3 week old kittens when someone poisoned the two mamas I had. They were really drawn to the milk. I stuck their noses in and almost drowned them. Then, they just stood in the bowl and about drowned themselves. All I had was dry food, but those kittens were so hungry, they crunched it up!

    In the store I saw a can labeled "Cat Milk." My first thought for about two seconds was, "I wonder how you can milk a cat?" Then it dawned on me.

    Kittens don't chew on the mama's nipple. She would slap them into next week for that! They nurse, suck.

    Get a bigger box so she can get in the nurse them. Or, just put the kittens down beside her so she can lie down and nurse. You might just get one kitten to latch on first so that you are not chasing kittens around.

  11. Well you doing the right thing.
    They are cute and will do just fine.