Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dad gum high winds....go away

Ok,......"why the hell did I sleep so long last night". I agree that it was rather late when I went to bed (1:30am), but to sleep till 11AM?????.....there ain't no way. That just ain't right.

Now I ain't talk'n no regular toss an' turn sleep, I'm talk'n dead to this world sleep. Once I finally dozed off, that was the last thing I remember. Sadie Mae wake me up jump'n up an' down say'n "I gotta pee".

Now that reminds me of when I was a teen. I didn't have me no regular place to sleep, so's I would sneek over to my aunts house bout 2 or 3 times a week an' climb in on the couch. We didn't lock doors way back then. Then I would sleep for bout 10 hours before I started my new excit'n adventurous day....at bout noon time. Got to let the "rest of the story" go.....too many bad thoughts come to mind.

The weather has been pretty good down here in south Texas. That is if'n ya don't mind a few high winds blow'n all day long. Day time temps have been bounc'n round in the low 70's to high 80's....which is great temps for swak'n golf balls an' stuff like that. Yesterday I did just that. Went out in the yard an' did me some practice with a sand wedge.....minus the sand. Wonder if'n I can hit 'em that good at the golf course....???? "Barney, where you at....watch this"?

Boy howdy, did I have some stuff in the old POS "that jeep". Throwed most of it in the dumpster  (three Walmart bags), but I want ya lookie here.....I been look'n for that little 7.2 volt battery for over two years (battery for the remote control on the Mississippi river boat). Now if'n ya know anything bout boats, ya know they got to have ballast in the bottom so's it don't turn over. We talk'n real boats here, not the little $30,000 bass fish'n boats. A few hunnert years ago they used rocks for ballast. Then somebody figger out that lead was heavier than rocks. That's what the recently found battery is for....ballast to keep the Mississippi river boat on a even keel. Hmmmmmm, I need to do some work on that boat. Speak'n of ballast, my Formosa sail'n boat had 9,000 pounds hang'n off the bottom.

Ok....I climbed up under the "billy jeep" again yesterday. Just to verify where I thought that water leak was at. Yup, there it is, right where I thought. Auto parts store is on the agenda for a new thermostat an' a new gasket. "Will somebody please help me up off'n the ground"???

I'm done. Cain't think of nuttin else to write about. Laters....


  1. Brt you feel better after all that sleep.

  2. Your body needed the rest that is why you slept so long. You guys are having nice temperatures where you are at...not so in Del Rio, it has been hot as hell.