Monday, April 28, 2014

Peep'n Tom....Christmas 2008

Holly crap, what do ya write about when it's too early to think. I ain't been up very long ya know, so I might be say'n stipit stuff.....like, Santa is a "peep'n Tom".

Ya see, I decided I would make my first trip to the "slabs" in southern California (Ca. I think). It was December of 2008. I met up with internet friends for a glorious 3 to 4 month stay in paradise. Well, it ain't really paradise, but it was warm an' sunny most every day. And it was free camping.

I was lay'n in bed on the eve of Christmas, along with my Lug Nut dog an' Sadie Mae. It was dark outside, with a slight ray of moonlight shin'n down. Dogs start bark'n, I see a movement out my winder. There a tinkle of a little bell. What the hell???....I see two big eyes look'n in my bedroom winder. He was wear'n black pants an' a black hooded sweat shirt thingy so's nobody could see him traips'n round in the darkness.

I grab's holt to a pair of oversize pants an' like a flash, out the front door I go.....with my trusty .357 in hand.
Note: If'n ya don't like guns, you have read too far.
There's nobody there. All is quiet. Ain't nobody is run'n down the road. Then I hear from a near by bush..."Billy Bob, it's me, Seann from Canada....don't shoot".

Ya see, Seann celebrates Christmas in a giving mood every year. Dresses up an' stuff. Hands out gifts to everyone. I remember that Christmas eve 2008 clear as a bell....an' I'm sure Canadian Seann will never forget it either.

Ok, we been to the slabs this morn'n. Now let's all go golf'n. "Dang, it's gonna be on the warm side ain't it Billy Bob"? Well yeah, kind'a. Like 90 degs at noon. Yesterday it got up to 101 here in Sinton an' today is supposed to reach the same....or close.

Oh yeah while I think of it, I got that back AC fan blow'n yesterday. Climb up on the roof??? Nope, took the inside apart an' spin the fan by hand till it was loose enough to run on it's own. Not a "fix", but I was cool last night.


  1. Good deal that you got that A/C working, maybe it stay that way?
    Wish we had a bit of that heat here.

  2. I have a story about how I managed to (accidentally) teach my Dad that spray contact/tuner cleaner (electrical contacts...) will fix anything mechanical. I fixed the electro-mechanical motor on the moving gate at the mini warehouse they managed by taking it apart and hosing it down with contact clearner. Guess I did a good job because, unlike when the 'professionals' had done it, my fix kept it working. I'm guessing it just really needed a good cleaning. Ever after that if something electrical didn't work he spritzed it with tuner cleaner. Usually fixed things as just taking things apart and cleaning them makes it work again.