Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The one that got away

Husband an' wife, both draw a social security disability (he is she ain't) check in the same amount of $XXX a month. That's TWO checks of that amount, not one. On top of that, they receive another $XXX in State funded assistance. That's more than I make every month an' I worked from age 14 to 60 year old for mine. Remember when I was a roofer at 14 year old? An I'm not one of the 40 some percent that DON'T pay income tax. I pay my share. I don't know....it just irks me off.

Boy howdy, yesterdays Port Aransas trip turn out to be a bust. By the time I got to the island an' picked up my mail an' some smokes, I was in no condition to go on with the planned activities. An' I had me some pretty good ones too. The most important an' most excit'n was a shop'n stop at Walmart. I whizzed by Walmart do'n a hunnert mile a hour on the way back to "da house". Maybe this afternoon.

I was cast'n my lure across the creek next to a big ol' boulder. When I was reel'n that little "rooster tail" in, a great big ol' native rainbow trout come up, strike my bait, make a jump an' he was....poooof, gone just like that. Now I ain't never catched no fresh water trout anywheres near that big, but I thought that was the day. On an' off in a split second. Ok, where are the pictures? They gone....cain't find 'em nowhere on this computer.
Oh wait....there they are.

Ok, back to them cats. Somebody suggested I contact animal control to get 'em out. Now if'n I cain't get to them cats through that little hole, animal control ain't gonna get through it neither. My only alternative is to wait them out....entice 'em with some good eat'em ups. Sadie Mae, she ain't no help neither. She sit under "da house" just wait'n for them cats to come out. If'n I was a cat, I wouldn't come out with a damn dog wait'n on me to show myself.


  1. Too bad about the rainbow trout getting away, There has to be some way of reaching the cats, if Mama was able to get in there someone else should be able to do it. I can see why you might just let 'em be, but what if one or more of the babies dies in there you are going to have to fumigate the place.

    1. Being you owned a motorhome, you know there is no place under there to rescue little cats. Now if'n I was the same size as that mama cat, I could just climb into that little hole an' all would be good. But I'm too big an' that hole is too little. It's a wait'n game I'm sure.

  2. Love that first picture, BB, the water looks like an oil painting! Lucrative-looking fishing spot. Cats! I have a livetrap for my resident creature down under.

    "Dodo Me" can't get the trap set! The problem? Old aged dying brain cells, I reckon. This is scaring the snot out of me, especially as no one around to hear me roar or even squeak. I know what you're saying regarding trips for shopping; I avoid them as much as possible. Out and about business kills me for several days afterward. I'm betting Sadie is having herself a bit of tasty cat treat down under. Can't blame poor kitty for staying hidden. But mercy, you have a problem. Kittens, Bah humbug; yet be kind.