Monday, April 21, 2014

HUH???? I don't remember

Sometimes how you feel will determine what ya think. This morn'n is a non-think'n day.

I enjoyed writ'n bout my relatives yesterday, but when I went back in my blog, I got all hung up on read'n stuff I wrote long ago. Now that was some kind of fun. Then I plumb forgot what I was writ'n bout. Today I don't have time to continue the story.

Had a surprise visit yesterday. The OFM Barney dropped by to see if'n I was still kick'n. Barely I was. I enjoy sit'n down with Barney talk'n bout "stuff". Stuff being "damn I hurt", "what I gonna do", "where I gonna go".....stuff like that. We both enjoyed our talk yesterday an' I look forward to many more. Oh by the way.....me an' Barney gonna meet up at the golf ball swak'n place this morn'n. Swak a few ya know.

Ain't no use try'n to write no more this morn'n. Dad gum brain is in "don't remember shit" mode. In fact, me an' Frank was sit'n here talk'n bout something....."what was ya talk'n bout Billy Bob"? There was one (1) word I was try'n to say. Just one freak'n word. What the hell was the word? Ya ever do that?

Ok, I got golf'n clubs to clean an' polish. "6 iron Billy Bob, don't forget yer 6 iron".



  1. Why is it that we forget just one word - is so close but just a smidge beyond our memory. I hate it when that happens!

  2. Daddy, enjoyed our talk yesterday got some good info from you. You still need to talk to Doris... and she tried to call you. man I was tired last night after cutting yards all day, but gotter done. today working on odds and end with Mike. backs a little stiff but some 4 advil and cup of coffee I'll be just fine. wish I could help you there, sounds like you need me there to do you some help-n...Ok love you later