Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Me... warsh winders????

Whoa boy howdy, them winders are beautiful. Ain't got no more bugs stuck to 'em, all the dirt, grime an' grease is gone. "You did a good job Billy Bob". Only two to go.

Well, I didn't really do that good a job. Ya see, when ya get tooo busy, ya pay later. My god, my back hurts. How bad does it hurt? Well maybe not enough to cancel a round of golf, but I'm hang'n on bout 6 or 7 this morn'n. I don't know if'n I ever mentioned this before, but I like golf. I could sit here this morn'n an' tell ya bout a hunnert stories bout the game of golf. But....I ain't got time.

Now....bout them winders. Remember when I tell ya bout Frank not finish'n a job? A high pay'n job at that. Well, I breaked out my winder clean'n solution (ammonia an' water) an' a roll of paper towels. In no time flat, I got one (1) sparkl'n clean winder ....on the inside. Now I got to take me a break. Sip up on a cup an' smoke me a little cigar. Wipe'n sweat off'n my brow. Do you have any idea how many winders are in a motorhome? Holy cows, I ain't never gonna get done. But I'm close.

My yard is clean....again. Ya see, when I don't feel like put'n stuff back where I got it from, I throws it out in the yard. And then I pick it up later. 2x4's, chunks of plywood, dishes, pots an' pans, bags of trash....stuff like that. Ha ha, fooled ya didn't I? I don't do stuff like that. Well I do throw plates of food out there to feed that damn goat. My yard is mowed. That's why it's clean again. Nephew Joseph cain't mow when there's stuff lay'n on the ground.

Other than that....that's all I did yesterday. Lay round do'n some think'n, but that's bout it. Keep in mind....."my winders are beautiful".

Ok, what the hell happen. It was freak'n cold last night. Bout 2:30 oclock am, I'm look'n for a dad gum blanket. It's freak'n 60 degs in here. Plus I got me one them backards leg cramps. Ain't had one them in a while....what the hell??? Sit there on the couch for 30 minutes puff'n away on a couple smokes, twist'n an' turn'n till that leg cramp was gone. All the while worried my golf'n game might be messed up this morn'n. That was all I was think'n bout. Yes....I like golf. An' it's a very important activity to me. Gives me exercise ya know.

Sure am glad I'm still in Sinton, Texas. Over there in them southern states, they been have'n some terrible weather. A tornado would level "Sally da house" an' I would be liv'n on the streets....sleep'n under bridges. In 13 years of travels, I been within 2 miles of tornadoes what touched down along the highways. Tore holy hell out of ever thing in their paths. Big 18 wheeler trucks turned over.....stuff like that. Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Alabama an' that terrible storm in Louisiana. Lightning hit a barbwire fence right next to my motorhome....skeer the hell out me. Steam was come'n off'n that fence.

Ok, I got to find my shoes. Take me some aspirin. It's almost tee time. Wish me luck.  



  1. Good shooting on the golfing range! Can't have a little thing like a possible storm get in the way of a good golf game!

    Bet the lightening striking the barb wire fence made a terrible racket! Would have scared me for sure!

  2. Does the wire being 'shocked' mean there needs to be a ground wire or that it was grounded out? See? I don't know anything about 'lectricity but one fact; I'm skeered 'oopless of it. dumb about machinery, plumbing drove me nuts and cars depress the heck out of me. Can't nail or screw, paint or scrub, breathe or bend! Told you I don't know beans about golfin', but I respect golfers for their persistence of whatever it is that cause them to persist. Skeletal ache restricts me 90%; else I'd be a daredevil and do the bareback horseriding, bungee jumps (no forget that stupid $hip) or whitewater scenes, even golfing. You know something? Old Age sucks! So keep your exercising up whiles ya kin, Billy Bob. It's berry, berry important. And do research about danger of daily OTC medicines, esp. NSAIDS i.e. aspirin, ibuprophen) It was in news this week re: such.

  3. Good to get our golfing, now you got them winders all sparkly clean.

  4. Have fun ball swackin'. That's loosen you up.

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